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Happy Purim!

Happy Crazy Hair Day!

There is no Hebrew homework this week. Enjoy your Purim celebrations!

If you have any small toys lying around at home (that you don’t want anymore) you are welcome to donate them to our Purim carnival prize booth. Please send them in for our Purim carnival tomorrow!

Todah Rabbah!

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Tu B’shvat

Kitah bet had fun celebrating Tu B’shvat this week!
We read “The Giving Tree” in Hebrew with our shinshinit, Hila.

In class, we acted out the story of the Almond tree who needed her friends to reassure her that she would have her flowers in time for Tu B’shvat.

Finally, we did several crafts to learn about the parts of the tree and the shivat haminim!


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Hebrew Homework Feb. 3 – 7

Shavua Tov!

In Ivrit this week we are preparing a skit about a Shkediah (almond tree). The shkediah is very sad because it is almost Tu B’shvat (her birthday) and she doesn’t have any flowers! Her friends come along and help her feel better. We are presenting the skit to kitah alef next Monday!

Each night for homework, please read the Hebrew text and find out the meanings of the underlined words. You do not need to memorize the meanings, or even write them down, just simply look them up to help understand the meaning of the text.

We talked about how we can find the meanings: Google, ask a friend, sibling or parent, check the dictionary or look HERE on the blog. Here are the definitions for this week.


לְבַד –  alone
בָּ- in the
אוֹזֶן – ear
מוּכָנָה – ready (f)


יָכִין – will prepare
יַלְבִּישׁ – will dress
יַפְרִיחַ – will blossom

תִּדְאֲגִי – don’t worry
יָפִים – pretty
נֶחְמָדָה – nice
לְבָנִים – white
דְבוֹרָה – bee
מְתוּקִים – sweet

בָּאִים – coming
הָעֲנָפִים – the branches
מַבְרִיקִים – shining

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Breakfast and Homework!

For the past few weeks, we have been learning how to say many different foods, action words and restaurant vocabulary in Hebrew. We will be using this new vocab to open up a אֲרוּחַת בֹּקֶר (breakfast) restaurant this Wednesday! The restaurant will be open from 9:30 – 10:45, so no need to send a morning snack!

Homework is to read the sentences in their מְחַבֶּרֶת (notebook) and draw a picture of at least one of the sentences. This is due Wednesday. 

For your interest…here is the תַּפְרִיט (menu) for the מִסְעָדָה (restaurant):

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Ashrei competition!

What better way to learn a new prayer than to put a little competition in the mix? 2A and 2B went up against each other to see which class learned Ashrei the best.


Judges were looking for ‘contestants’ who were following along on their siddur, singing, and being respectful participants. In the days leading up, 2B was the team to beat. 2A pulled through in the end and ultimately was the stronger class today. Both classes were rewarded with an ice cream sundae party to celebrate their hard work.

Thanks for your patience with the VoiceThread. When tested here at school, it seemed pretty straightforward. I now realize that depending on a variety of issues, it wasn’t as simple as I thought.

Shabbat Shalom!

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Good evening,

We have reset the passwords for all grade 2 students.

As a refresher, their email address is:


Password (new) for all students is:


We are asking that you leave the password as is, and please do not change it…yet. Students will be logging into their email in Morah Lianna’s computer classes, and everyone having the same password will be a big help in the beginning.

Please don’t fret if you are having difficulty using VoiceThread. We are the first class in the school to be testing it out, so just give it a try and please, no stress! 😀

Erev tov!

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Breakfast Restaurant – מִסְעַדַת אֲרוּחַת בֹּקֶר

Shalom! Kitah bet is busy preparing to open up a breakfast restaurant in our class next Wednesday, January 29th. This week the homework is to practise being a server (מלצר) and a guest (אורח). You can find sample dialogue in their Hebrew homework book or below.

We are trying out a new, amazing program called VoiceThread. In Voicethread your child is able to record themselves reading in Hebrew and I can log on to listen to them. This gives me the opportunity to hear them progressing. We will use this program on a weekly basis until the end of grade 2. I have emailed a link to your child’s email for you to begin.  Please, if possible, try this out before next Monday.

מִסְעַדָת אֲרוּחַת בֹּקֶר – Google Docs