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Some January Highlights in Kitah Bet

Kitah Bet  – 2A and 2B – have been busy since returning from winter vacation! Over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed activities and many visitors that brought Ruach into our classroom.  Some of the special events included a Friday Movie Day with specially delivered snacks from Israel for everyone to try! Kitah Bet also enjoyed a winter fun activity, tobogganing down the snow mountains in our schoolyard.


Kitah Gimmel visited our class last week to teach us a song (and accompanying actions!) about Parashat Lech Lecha, the story we have been studying in the Chumash… Toda Raba Kitah Gimmel !

To finish the week, Kitah ז – Grade 7, visited our class as a component of their Mitzvah Trip to play a fun Kahoot game and to teach us about the Parasha this week, Vaera. We had so much fun getting to play with grade 7 and play a fun activity while learning!

2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Learning about Chanukah – trilingual-y!

One aspect of teaching about Chanukah that brings me joy (and there are many!) is the pure excitement students display when creating and hanging decorations to brighten our classroom for the festival of lights. Students sing along to new and familiar Chanukah songs while drawing, cutting, and gluing dreidels, Chanukiot, and sufganiyot with their favourite fillings. However wonderful that our students are inspired and excited, what stands out is how special it is that our students get to learn, and share in this excitement in a trilingual environment, and immerse themselves in learning about the holidays in Hebrew, English, and French.

Below are some pictures of our classroom Chanukah board, which shows some of the vocabularies that we have been learning for the holiday in both Hebrew and French.


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Grade 2 Hebrew Homework – Week of December 5th

Shalom Parents!
With Channukah quickly approaching, we are shifting our focus toward learning all about this exciting holiday in the coming weeks.
Students are asked to read and listen to a Channukah song each night for this week’s Hebrew homework from the slides below. Students are not required to copy the text into their notebooks this week.
Shavuah Tov, have a wonderful week!

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Grade 2 Hebrew Homework Week of October 31st

Shalom Parents,

 Students will be sent home with a machberet (notebook) in their note totes with Hebrew homework from Monday-Thursday each week and is due back in class the following day.


  • Students are to read the text with a parent/guardian twice.
  • Students should then write (copy) the text in cursive letters in their notebooks.

Once the students complete the reading and writing (copying) into their notebook, please sign the page, and send the notebook back to school each day.

If the student is unable to read with a parent or guardian, please have the student record themselves on vocaroo, and send the recording to 2A c.baray@theojcs.ca, or 2B s.baray@theojcs.ca:


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Monday, October 31st

Tuesday November 1st

Wednesday November 2nd

Thursday November 3rd

2A, 2B, Homework, Jewish Studies

Hebrew Homework: April 25 – May 9

Shalom kitah bet parents,

I hope you had a wonderful Pesach holiday and break! It is great having ALL the kids back at school today.

Hebrew homework for the next two weeks can be found on Classkick.

Students are reading and completing activities for the story:

?לָמָּה לוֹבֶשֶׁת הַזֶּבְּרָה פִּיגָמָה “Why Does the Zebra Always Wear Pajamas?”

All instructions are on the Classkick slides. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Shavua Tov!

2A, 2B, Homework, Jewish Studies

Passover Model Seder and Passover Story

 Model Seder

Women's Seders: the vehicle for Jewish feminist liberation

Please note that the Model Seder for kitah bet will take place next Wednesday, April 13th.

Each student is asked to bring to school on that day (in addition to his/her lunch) the following:

  • 1 hard boiled egg, peeled and wrapped in plastic/foil wrap
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • 1 piece of romaine lettuce

The remainder of the Seder ingredients will be provided by the P.T.A : horseradish, egg matzah, grape juice, and NUT FREE charoset.

Should you have any concerns regarding food allergies, please provide your child with his/her own food.

We also ask that each student come to school dressed in holiday clothing. If they wish to change out of their nice clothing, please send in their uniform.

Hebrew Homework:

The Passover Story in 10 Scenes - YouTube

In their backpacks, the students have a photocopied story of Passover. This week they are asked to read

the story and highlight any words they find that are related to Passover.

Here is the link to the Passover story we read together in class.                                             Feel free to peruse at your leisure.