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Hebrew Homework Oct. 18

Shalom Kitah bet!

Welcome to our first week of Hebrew homework!

  • Homework is assigned on Monday and is due the FOLLOWING Monday.
  • Homework is on Classkick and consists mainly of Hebrew reading and highlighting.
  • Students are to record their Hebrew reading on Classkick.
  • Please note that they DO NOT have to do all the reading in one sitting. Each page of Classkick can have several recordings.


  • The name for log in is: first name and first initial of last name. ex: Bethany G
  • The Classkick code for this week is: HYY Y7E or click here to go straight there CLASSKICK 

Be’hatzlacha (good luck)! Feel free to email if you have questions.

2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Shavuot “Meet Up” and Choice Board

Shalom and erev tov!

Tomorrow at 12pm, kitah bet is going on a Zoom call with the kitah bet class in Metulla, Israel to celebrate Shavuot together. No obligation, but parents are more than welcome to join us on this call. It should last about 20 minutes. Here is the zoom link:   https://zoom.us/j/94767483068

The teachers have put together a choice board full of activities for Shavuot. You may wish to do some of these together as a family over the holiday weekend. 

Chag Shavuot Sameach!


2A, 2B, Homework, Jewish Studies

Save the date and Hebrew homework

Shalom and welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Passover holiday and break!

SAVE THE DATE: Kitah bet will be having their “Chagigat haTorah” just before Shavuot this year. The date is booked for Friday, May 14th at 9am. We hope that you can join us virtually to celebrate our Torah learning. 

HOMEWORK: This term our Hebrew homework will focus more on Hebrew reading and cursive writing. Each night, Monday through Thursday, students will get a small reading text plus an option to either copy 3 of the sentences in cursive or create their own sentences with the words in bold. Feel free to print the cursive letters here.

The homeowrk can be found in the Hebrew workbooks in their backpacks. Please reach out if your child is having difficulty completing the homework. I am happy to make any modifications.

Have a wonderful week!

Morah Batya

2A, 2B, Homework, Jewish Studies

Purim Homework Feb. 8-12

Shavua tov! This week the homework for kitah bet will be a combination of Classkick and a supplementary worksheet. 

On Classkick, students will read a Purim story. Each Classkick slide has a voice recording telling the students what to do on that slide.

Classkick 2A   Classkick 2B

This worksheet will be sent home in their homework folder. Students are to write down all of the “opposites” mentioned in the Purim story. Then they can think and write down some other opposites they know: גָּדוֹל – קָטָן (big-small) 

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.

2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Tu B’shvat Fun!


It’s amazing how much fun we can have, even online, when celebrating holidays at OJCS!

Today we learned about Eliezer Ben Yehuda and some of the words he invented, we exercised in Hebrew and danced as trees. We drew a fruit basket and we created some beautiful trees with fruit and vegetables for our snack. We even had ALL our teachers (yes! even the English and French teachers) read us a story in Hebrew. What a special day! 

The students made such creative “tree” snacks today. If you have not had a chance to upload their picture on Classkick, or send me a copy, please do so…take a look at the slide deck (so far). I will share our creations with the class tomorrow.

Here are the Slides we used today with all the links to the videos/stories, etc. as requested by some of our students.

Morah Ruthie and her grade 8 class created a wonderful and very informative “broadcast” in honour of Hebrew language day. Please take some time to watch with your family.

Wishing you all an early Shabbat Shalom!