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General Studies Homework – Week of Oct. 25

Hello Grade 2 students (and parents)!

WHAT A GREAT FIRST WEEK OF HOMEWORK! Thank you to all of the parents who assisted with navigating the new General Studies homework routine! Just like last week, you must choose 1 of the homework tasks below and complete it before next Monday. If you’d like to, you can complete 2, 3, or maybe even all 4 of the tasks… BUT you only NEED to do 1! 

Language Arts: Open a new Google Doc and write a short journal entry telling me what your favourite dessert is and why. Don’t forget to share the Doc with Morah Lianna (blue “share” button in the top right corner).

Math: Complete the assigned skills on IXL. (e-mail Morah Lianna if you are unsure of your login information)

Science: Watch this video and leave a comment on the blog with some new facts that you learned!

Social Studies: Choose a holiday you celebrate. How do you celebrate the holiday? Compare it to how your parents or grandparents celebrated the holiday when they were young. Share your comparison with a Venn Diagram on Jamboard

This week we are continuing to focus on (re)learning how to access all of these online platforms and apps!

*I encourage you to complete your work virtually. However, if it is too challenging in your home to do paperless homework, you can access this homework doc and print the required page(s).

see you in class

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Hebrew Homework Oct. 18

Shalom Kitah bet!

Welcome to our first week of Hebrew homework!

  • Homework is assigned on Monday and is due the FOLLOWING Monday.
  • Homework is on Classkick and consists mainly of Hebrew reading and highlighting.
  • Students are to record their Hebrew reading on Classkick.
  • Please note that they DO NOT have to do all the reading in one sitting. Each page of Classkick can have several recordings.


  • The name for log in is: first name and first initial of last name. ex: Bethany G
  • The Classkick code for this week is: HYY Y7E or click here to go straight there CLASSKICK 

Be’hatzlacha (good luck)! Feel free to email if you have questions.

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General Studies Homework – Week of Oct. 18

Hello Grade 2 students (and parents)!

WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST WEEK OF HOMEWORK! Just like I said in class, you must choose 1 of the homework tasks below and complete it before next Monday. If you’d like to, you can complete 2, 3, or maybe even all 4 of the tasks… BUT you only NEED to do 1! 

Language Arts: Film yourself reading a book to your sibling or parent on Flipgrid (press “join with Google”. You must use your OJCS account to sign in). After reading, answer the following questions (either in your Flipgrid video OR comment on this blog post).
Who is your favourite character in the book? Why?
Was there anything you didn’t like about the book?

Math: On Jamboard, draw a growing pattern (pretend you have the cubes from the classroom). Type out the pattern rule. Don’t forget to share your work with Morah Lianna (blue button in the top corner)!

Science: Research your favourite animal and share 3 interesting facts about that animal by commenting on this blog post. You can use books or websites. Here are 2 websites to get you started:


Social Studies: Interview your parent about their favourite celebration. Ask them the following questions and write their answers by commenting on this blog post.

Parent’s Favourite Celebration:
When is the celebration held?
Who do they celebrate with?
What is the purpose/meaning of the celebration?
Are there any special traditions for this celebration?

This week we are focusing on (re)learning how to access all of these online platforms and apps! The only login information you will need for this week is your OJCS Google Account. The username (OJCS email) and password are the same from last year. Please reach out to Morah Lianna if you need ANY assistance!

*I encourage you to complete your work virtually. However, if it is too challenging in your home to do paperless homework, you can access this homework doc and print the required page(s). 

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Tomorrow (October 19th) is picture day! Please make sure your child is wearing their WHITE OJCS SHIRT!

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Global Connections All Around

Last week, we participated in Global Maker Day! This is a day dedicated to collaboration and innovation! Our Kitah Bet students discovered their inner innovators in order to “make locally & share globally”. The best part? Well the whole experience was pretty awesome, but one of the best parts was that all of our materials were recycled items!

We shared some other highlights of our ramps on the class Twitter accounts (@2Aojcs  /  @2bojcs).








One of my favourite activities of the year is the Global Read Aloud. Students all over the world are reading the same chapter book on the same reading schedule for 6 weeks. Throughout the 6 weeks, we will be working on a variety of activities related to the book (i.e. vocabulary study, making predictions, finding personal connections with the text). We will also be able to connect with some of the students around the world who are also reading this book! In week 1, we participated in a Twitter Chat with students in North America. The author even replied to our tweet!

We look forward to making more global connections throughout the school year! Just like our OJCS North Star says, ‘We Learn Better Together’! 

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The French Navy Blue Reading Duo-tang

To follow up on yesterday’s presentation, here is an explanation of the different sheets that can be found in your child’s navy blue reading duo-tang.

This sheet indicates your child’s reading level in Jelis for every term. Your child should read at this level when doing French reading homework. Every time they are assessed, this sheet will be updated and you will be able to track your child’s progress. If I have noted that your child should also practise syllables, please see the next sheet:





This syllable activity will help your child with pronunciation of vowels (which are different in French than in English). I ask that you set a timer for one minute and have your child correctly read as many syllables as possible. When the timer ends, you should put a sticker or sticky note on the last syllable they were able to read. The next time you do this activity, try to move the sticker further.







This sheet contains images of the sons composés we will be learning in class. It goes along with the program Raconte-moi les sons, which contains a story for each image. Your child should already be able to identify in this sheet, the son OU and explain to you the story of the tired ghost.








These sheets are your child’s reading log. Each time they read, I ask that you (or your child) writes down the name of the book, the level, date and level of difficulty of each book.







This sheet is for information purposes only and go along with our sight word and frequently-used word program that we work on in class. It should give you an idea of words your child can consistently read correctly and their next steps in this program.

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Passion Projects

In no particular order, here are  videos / slides / recordings from Kitah Bet’s passion projects! I enjoyed watching the students work on their projects and present them! 

Sequel – Super Seb The Audio Book











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Passion Projects

Hello Grade 2 Students and Families!

I am so excited to launch our last big project of the year… PASSION PROJECTS!!

As discussed in class this morning, each student will be working on a Passion Project. The students were able to choose if they wanted to work independently or with a partner from their class. This project can be on any topic and presented in any way. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Some topic examples:
– Animals
– Favourite Book / Author
– Research on a City or Province
– Role Model / Someone you admire
– Family Tree
– Creating your own community
– Creating tutorial videos
– Writing a story / comic book

Some presentation styles:
– Google Slides
– Oral Presentation
– Video
– Blog Post
– Art gallery

In preparation for this project, we have complete two research workshops with Miss Brigitte this month. The first one was on using keywords when doing research and the second was on taking notes in your own words. You can go back to these blog posts to review what we learned with Miss Brigitte. Here is the link for Kiddle to help you get started with your research!

Each student will also have their own Classkick assignment called “Passion Projects”. This is where they will be gathering their ideas and submitting their work for “check-in with Morah Lianna”. Since this is a very personalized project, I will give more guidance and instructions as each students develops their project ideas.

laptop reading*Please note that this is an ongoing project and should NOT be completed in one day!! A formal due date for presentations will be determined after today’s brainstorming/planning period. If we pivot back to in-person learning, this project will be worked on in class.