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Shavuot “Meet Up” and Choice Board

Shalom and erev tov!

Tomorrow at 12pm, kitah bet is going on a Zoom call with the kitah bet class in Metulla, Israel to celebrate Shavuot together. No obligation, but parents are more than welcome to join us on this call. It should last about 20 minutes. Here is the zoom link:   https://zoom.us/j/94767483068

The teachers have put together a choice board full of activities for Shavuot. You may wish to do some of these together as a family over the holiday weekend. 

Chag Shavuot Sameach!


2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – Week of April 5

Welcome Back Kitah Bet Families!

We hope you had a lovely break. We are back to our regularly scheduled General Studies “Choose Your Own Adventure” Homework! Below you will find the 4 choices. As usual, the students should choose one of the options below. Completing extra tasks is a bonus!

Language Arts – Prefix/Suffix detective: while doing your nightly English reading, look for new prefixes, base words, and suffixes. Add them to our class Jamboard

Science – Go on a Simple Machines scavenger hunt in your house! Share your findings on Flipgrid.

Social Studies – Read this page about Tropical Climates and share some facts that you learned on Flipgrid

Math – IXL Skills that I assigned 

Have a lovely and sunny week!happy stroll in meadow


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Save the date and Hebrew homework

Shalom and welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Passover holiday and break!

SAVE THE DATE: Kitah bet will be having their “Chagigat haTorah” just before Shavuot this year. The date is booked for Friday, May 14th at 9am. We hope that you can join us virtually to celebrate our Torah learning. 

HOMEWORK: This term our Hebrew homework will focus more on Hebrew reading and cursive writing. Each night, Monday through Thursday, students will get a small reading text plus an option to either copy 3 of the sentences in cursive or create their own sentences with the words in bold. Feel free to print the cursive letters here.

The homeowrk can be found in the Hebrew workbooks in their backpacks. Please reach out if your child is having difficulty completing the homework. I am happy to make any modifications.

Have a wonderful week!

Morah Batya

2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework, Reminders

General Studies – Week of March 22

Hello Kitah Bet Families,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the amazing weather! Cooper and I had a blast playing outside in the sunshine!

This is NO HOMEWORK this week. With the short week, preparations for Innovation Day, and preparations for Passover, I have decided to pause homework for this week. We will relaunch upon our return on April 5th. If you or your child would like to do some General Studies homework this week, please feel free to visit past homework tasks that he/she did not complete. 

*Reminder: This Wednesday is our Innovation Day Presentation. Please join us on Google Meet for a Kahoot! Game as well we project presentations!

SCHEDULE – Wednesday, March 24th

2B – Google Meet at 2:00

2A – Google Meet at 2:45


2A, 2B, General Studies, Reminders

Innovation Day 2021

We are one week away from Innovation Day! Here are some important notes…

You are invited to join us virtually to see your child’s project and participate in a jaw dropping game of Are You Smarter Than a Grade 2 Scientist!?

*In order to play, I recommend having a second device (for example, being in the google meet on a laptop and having your mobile phone to join the game). You can plan ahead by downloading the Kahoot! app or you can simply join us through your internet browser on the day of the game.

SCHEDULE – Wednesday, March 24th

2B – Google Meet at 2:00

2A – Google Meet at 2:45


2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework, Reminders

General Studies Homework AND MORE! Mar. 15

Hello Kitah Bet Families

I encourage you to read this entire post as we have a few reminders for you at the bottom!

We are trying another week of paperless homework! Below you will find the 4 choices. As usual, the students should choose one of the options below. Completing extra tasks is a bonus!

Math – IXL

Science – Go on a Simple Machines scavenger hunt in your house! Share your findings on Flipgrid.

Language Arts – Create a Google Doc and write about your favourite hobby. You may want to use this graphic organizer to gather your ideas first. Make sure you share the Google Doc with me!

Social Studies – As the warm weather approaches, Cooper is looking for a new backyard to play in! Please use Jamboard to draw a map of your backyard so he can decide which play area he likes best! Don’t forget to include your legend and share your Jamboard with Morah Lianna!

PARENTS: As we enter our third week of paperless homework, I kindly ask that you complete this parent survey.  It is 3 short questions about homework, so it should not take up too much time. 


  • We are working on our projects for Innovation Day! Please send in any toilet paper/paper towel tubes and cardboard that you have in your recycling bin at home. We will be sharing our projects with you virtually on Wednesday, March 24th. More information coming soon…
  • Thursday is a 2PM dismissal for Parent Teacher Conferences. There is no school on Friday.
  • If your child will be absent from in-person learning and joining us online, please e-mail the teachers to let us know.
  • Please send your child in with some extra socks and pants! We anticipate some wet days coming and we want your child to be able to change into dry clothing after recess!
  • Please make sure your child has clean extra masks in their backpack each day!

Many thanks