2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – Week of Dec. 13

Morah Lianna had a dog and BINGO was his name-o…

B-I-N-G-O… B-I-N-G-O… B-I-N-G-O

and BINGO was his name-o!

Wait a minute… isn’t his name Cooper?

OH yes! BINGO isn’t my dog’s name… BINGO is our homework this week!

We have decided to SWITCH IT UP for an extra fun week of homework before Winter Break! Please see the BINGO card below for some different homework tasks to complete this week.

*As per usual, only 1 task MUST be completed… but you can do as many as you’d like!

2A, 2B, General Studies

Sneak Peek into Our Classroom

In Social Studies, we have been exploring holidays and celebrations around the world. Now, we are moving on to learning all about food foods around the world! We have read about some different types of food with our Nelson Literacy readers, but now it is time for the students to become the teachers! 

Each student will be working on a project all about one dish of food. They will present their posters to the class in order to teach us all about that food! We have everything from Poke Bowls, to Gelato, to Green Curry… and let’s not forget about Tacos!

Stay tuned for more pictures and possibly even videos once all of the presentations are finished!

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2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – Week of Dec. 6

Hello Kitah Bet Families,

Now that Chanukah has come to an end, we are back on track with homework.

As per usual, each student must complete ONE homework task. However, students are more than welcome to complete additional tasks. 

Language Arts: PUT ON YOUR DETECTIVE GLASSES! While reading (any book of your choice) this week, I want you to find 3 words that have a prefix and/or suffix. Be a word detective and comment below with the word sum! Remember, a word sum looks like this: hope + ing –> hoping

Math: Work on the graphing activities on IXL

Science: Watch this video, then comment on this blog post sharing some new facts that you learned.

Social Studies: No new Social Studies tasks this week due to the fact that we are working on a big project in class right now. You are more than welcome to revisit old Social Studies tasks from previous weeks and complete them this week. 

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2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – Week of Nov. 29

Chag Chanukah Sameach Kitah Bet Families!

For this week, there is NO FORMAL HOMEWORK! Instead of homework tasks, I am asking that you….

-Enjoy time with your family

-Eat crispy latkes

-Eat sweet sufganiyot

-Play with dreidels

-Sing Chanukah songs

-Tune into our Family Chanukah Celebration on Thursday at 7pm

…Or any other Chanukah traditions your family has! If you’d like, leave a comment on this post telling us what your favourite Chanukah tradition is!!

happy hanukkah


French Studies

Here are the sons-composés we have been focusing on in Grade 2 so far:

If you find that your child frequently forgets these sounds, you can remind them of these stories before you start reading. Keeping the sons-composés page in the navy duo-tang, open during reading, may also help. 


OU – tells the story of a tired ghost who only has one eye open. He walks around the Village Des Sons saying ooouuuuuu but no one is scared because they know he is tired.






AU- tells the story of Monsieur O who is eating a cookie with a glass of milk. He says “OOOOO que c’est bon!”

EAU- tells the story of Monsieur O eating his cookie and milk again. However, this time, a creature, “E” keeps trying to eat the cookie.





AN- tells the story of a little girl visiting her grandmother. Grandma uses a walker and is hard of hearing. Every time the girl asks grandma a question, grandma answers with “aaannnn?”

2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – Week of Nov. 22

Hello Grade 2 Families,

A new week of homework tasks! As always, you must complete ONE homework tasks… but you are more than welcome to do more than that!

Language Arts – Think about the story we read in class today (The Day Punctuation Came To Town). Edit this journal entry to add the punctuation (hint: you don’t need any commas today). Don’t forget to share it with Morah Lianna!

Science – Watch this video about animal habitats. Build an animal habitat with anything in your house (cardboard, lego, blocks, books, etc.) and share it with us on Flipgrid

Social Studies – Recipe Interview – Ask your parent (or grandparent) if there is a special recipe that your family has passed down through the generations. What is it? Is there a special holiday or celebration when you make this recipe? Comment on this blog post with the recipe!

Math – Clear some skills on IXL! All finished? Work on the skills on your recommendation wall. 

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