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Instead of dictée this week, I ask that each student bring a picture or drawing of their family to present to the class on Friday. They should practice presenting each of their family members in the picture, including themselves.

For example:

  • Me voici
  • voici ma maman
  • voici mon papa
  • voici ma petite soeur
  • voici mon petit frère

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Innovation Day is Coming!!

Hello Kitah Bet Parents! 

The weather is warming up (a bit), the snow is melting, the birds are chirping… and spring is here! That means… INNOVATION DAY IS COMING! 

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, April 7th! Like last year, the event will be virtual. More information about timing and schedules will be released in the coming week. 

I am very excited about this year’s project (no spoilers just yet)… but I need your help! It would be greatly appreciated if you could please send your child to school with recycled cardboard next week. Some ideas are: cereal boxes, shoe boxes, amazon boxes, etc!

Thank you for your support! We can’t wait to share our projects with you!

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We are so excited for our rescheduled Winter Fun Day tomorrow!

A few important reminders…

  • Students do not need to be in OJCS uniforms
  • Students DO need to DRESS WARMLY!
  • Please send extra socks to help keep their feet warm and dry 
  • Please send extra mitts to help keep their hands warm and dry 
  • Students should be prepared to spend a large chunk of the day outside and playing in the snow!

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March Bingo Board

Hello Kitah Bet families,

I hope you had a lovely February break! We are excited to kick off a new month tomorrow! 

A new month means a new BINGO BOARD!

The BINGO Board can be accessed on this blog post with all of the links to activities and websites (IXL, Flipgrid, etc). Your child also has a BINGO Board in their backpack to help keep track of the tasks they complete. At the end of the month, we will see who got BINGO (straight horizontal line, straight vertical line, or straight diagonal line). 

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2A, 2B, General Studies

Liquids, Solids, and Gas…OH MY!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been exploring the 3 States of Matter.

We have learned about the properties of Liquids, Solids, and Gas, explored changes in state, and we even completed some hands on experiments! Here is just a snapshot into our Science class…

We have learned words like transparent, translucent, and opaque – which we use to describe liquids.

We have learned words like mixture and solution – which we use to describe what we see when we mix solids into liquids. 

We have learned words like float, sink, absorb, and repel, – which we use to describe what happens when solids are put into liquids. 



Have a lovely February Break! I can’t wait to kick off our next Science unit… stay tuned! 

2A, 2B, Homework, Jewish Studies

Hebrew Homework

Shalom Kitah bet! Happy “almost” month of Adar!

For the next several weeks we will be changing up the Hebrew homework just a bit:

  • Students will continue to bring home their blue machberet with a new reading insert.
  • Students will have as many nights as needed to do the reading and get it initialed by a parent.
  • As they finish a reading, they will take a new one in class. This will allow for those who wish to practise more, to move ahead, and for those who want to take their time, to do so at there own pace.
  • Students should copy the first 2 – 3 sentences in cursive. They will have some time in class to begin this.
  • Hyflex students will get the reading inserts when they return to class.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.