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General Studies Homework AND MORE! Mar. 15

Hello Kitah Bet Families

I encourage you to read this entire post as we have a few reminders for you at the bottom!

We are trying another week of paperless homework! Below you will find the 4 choices. As usual, the students should choose one of the options below. Completing extra tasks is a bonus!

Math – IXL

Science – Go on a Simple Machines scavenger hunt in your house! Share your findings on Flipgrid.

Language Arts – Create a Google Doc and write about your favourite hobby. You may want to use this graphic organizer to gather your ideas first. Make sure you share the Google Doc with me!

Social Studies – As the warm weather approaches, Cooper is looking for a new backyard to play in! Please use Jamboard to draw a map of your backyard so he can decide which play area he likes best! Don’t forget to include your legend and share your Jamboard with Morah Lianna!

PARENTS: As we enter our third week of paperless homework, I kindly ask that you complete this parent survey.  It is 3 short questions about homework, so it should not take up too much time. 


  • We are working on our projects for Innovation Day! Please send in any toilet paper/paper towel tubes and cardboard that you have in your recycling bin at home. We will be sharing our projects with you virtually on Wednesday, March 24th. More information coming soon…
  • Thursday is a 2PM dismissal for Parent Teacher Conferences. There is no school on Friday.
  • If your child will be absent from in-person learning and joining us online, please e-mail the teachers to let us know.
  • Please send your child in with some extra socks and pants! We anticipate some wet days coming and we want your child to be able to change into dry clothing after recess!
  • Please make sure your child has clean extra masks in their backpack each day!

Many thanks

2A, 2B, General Studies

Visit with Dr. Cassandra Marion

Today we had a guest speaker (virtually) visit our classroom! Dr. Cassandra Marion, the Science Advisor at The Aviation and Space Museum , shared an interactive presentation all about the Mars Perseverance Rover! 

We learned about the purpose of this mission, how Perseverance (the rover) landed on Mars, we saw pictures and videos, and asked A LOT OF QUESTIONS!

Some fun facts that we learned are…
-Mars is very dusty and very cold!
-People working in Mission Control switched to Mars Time for the first 3 months of the mission. (That is a 39 hour long day, instead of 24 hours!)
-The Perseverance Rover dropped a helicopter on Mars to see if we can fly on Mars

Dr. Cassandra shared this video with us so we can see what Mars looks like up close!

If you want to explore Mars on your own, you can check it out here! Each child is also taking home a Perseverance colouring page with a few fun facts about the Perseverance Rover!

I would like to give a big thank you to Dr. Cassandra Marion for volunteering her time to come visit our class today and a very special shout out to Howard Fremeth, a Kitah Bet parent, for connecting me with Dr. Cassandra and setting this presentation up!

2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – March 8

Hello Kitah Bet Families!

We are trying another week of paperless homework! Below you will find the 4 choices. As usual, the students should choose one of the options below. Completing extra tasks is a bonus!

Math – Measure the length of your bed using a NON-STANDARD FORM of measurement. Send Morah Lianna an e-mail to let me know what you measured and how long it is. 

Science – Complete this Quiz on States of Matter.

Language Arts – Complete an Accelerated Reader Comprehension Quiz for a book you have finished reading. (Need help accessing the AR Quiz? Here’s a tutorial)

Social Studies – Listen to this story and complete the activity on Jamboard (my instructions and example are on the board already). Remember that this is a shared Jamboard… do not delete your friend’s work! 

wall burst

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Reading challenge

In order to encourage nightly reading, I will be offering a class reward when each member of our class has read on 5 separate occasions and our class total reaches 100!  Each time your child reads in French (it may be practicing Quizlet cards, reading one book or two, or it may be that he or she is rereading a book that has already been read), please add an entry in their reading log (including the date) or email me.  For the purpose of our challenge, students will only be able to color in one square at a time.  In other words, they can read five books in one evening, but that will only count for one “reading session” and one square on the chart.  The goal here is to encourage the habit of reading on a daily basis.

In order to ensure everyone can dedicate their evenings to reading, there will be no dictée this week.

When everybody has read 5 times and we have collectively read at least 100 times, students will get their reward.

-Mme Sophie

2A, 2B, French Studies

Scholastic French books

Good afternoon!

I am posting this link to the Scholastic Books‘ French immersion section which contains a long list of books within your child’s French reading ability. For those of you who might feel that your French library at home is in need of new books, this is a great spot to find new and exciting releases!

Due to COVID, Scholastic books are now being delivered to your home!

Our Grade 2 French class code is: RC467553



2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – Week of March 1

Hello Kitah Bet Families!

I hope you enjoyed Ruach Week as much as I did and that you had an amazing Purim!!

We are back to our regularly scheduled General Studies “Choose Your Own” Homework! This week, we are going paperless! Below you will find the 4 choices. As usual, the students should choose one of the options below. Completing extra tasks is a bonus!

Math – Master some assigned skills on IXL

Science – Complete this experiment on Flipgrid

Language Arts* – Use this sentence starter to write a story

Social Studies* – Create interview questions 

*Language Arts and Social Studies should be handed in by sharing on Google Docs. Here is a tutorial I created last spring to help remind students how to create a new Doc and share it.


Hebrew Homework Feb. 23 and a Request

Shalom Kitah Bet!

Hebrew homework is coming home in notetotes today. It’s the shortened version of the story of Purim. We are reading the full version in class! Students should read the story and have an adult sign it. It is due anytime before next Monday. 

Tomorrow we are making רַעֲשָׁנִים (graggers) so that we are ready to hear the Megillah on Friday. Please send in empty toilet paper rolls. The more the better!