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Thank-you for your participation in our goal setting conferences. We feel our student’s first set of goals will help them be successful on their own personal learning journeys. We have been very busy this month, getting to know two new students from Israel. They are a wonderful addition to our classroom family. Below is just some of the learning taking place presently in Grade 2.


The signed goal list is being added this week to our Go For The Goal! bulletin board. Next steps will be how to measure our success.

Language Arts:

Writing-This past month the focus of our journal entries have been reflecting on our Global Maker Day challenges, creating our goals and reaching out to the Israeli soldiers. The children were asked how we support Israel both in our Grade 2 classroom and as a school. We brainstormed ideas and then they were asked to choose from our list or come up with their own ideas and complete letters which will be brought directly to the soldiers. Below is the list and a sample of a few of the letters we are sending.

Reading-Amplify evaluations are completed and our students are now set to be on their own personal learning journey when they work on Amplify. Resource sessions are well under way with Ms. Honey and we work as a team to ensure academic growth. Reading homework is assigned by Ms. Honey each week, please remember to return your books in order to get the next one. For those students who meet or exceed the Grade 2 expectations for this point in the school year, they should be reading often just for the love of reading. Please note during our Language Arts blocks each child’s work has been personalized to ensure we have happy, engaged students. Small group time ensures time to practice our spelling, decoding skills as well as answering comprehension questions. Below is a photo of an activity we completed after reviewing and making observations of the FLoSZ rule. When /f/, /l/, /s/ and /z/ is heard after a short vowel at the end of a one-syllable word, it is doubled.

Library/Social Studies-During our library periods Ms. Brigitte has continued with our monthly novel study, this month we are listening to books written by William Steig. 


We also completed a workshop on how to be a good digital citizen. We really have a better understanding of what that means. Here is the video we watched and a great discussion followed.


This month our focus continues to be on Movement and Simple Machines. The students completed an experiment where they discovered where the fulcrum is located affects the amount of effort needed to move an object. This was a simple experiment involving a marker, ruler and a  ball of playdough. We also are working in pairs in the Makerspace to design a lever that is able to lift 100g safely and securely.



This month we are exploring graphs and becoming math ninja masters (becoming more fluent with the math facts to 20). We are diving deeper into the essential parts of a graph, comparing and making important observations and understanding its purpose. Lastly we are starting to work on double digit regrouping.  Resource sessions are well under way with Mrs. Cleveland and we work as a team to ensure academic growth. Math homework will be only assigned to those that need the practice, I will add IXL to the homework board next week with the understanding that this is not homework but an option for those that want one.






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  1. Things are busy in Grade 2! I enjoyed catching up on all of the amazing learning that is taking place.

    I love the opportunities for collaboration and hands on learning – as well as the emphasis on ensuring each student recognizes they are on their own learning journey.

    Keep up the awesome work, Grade 2!

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