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Innovation Day!

Hello Grade 2 Parents!

We are so excited for Innovation Day (formerly known as STEAM Fair) on Thursday, March 5th!

You are all invited to join us on Thursday from 8:45am-9:25am in the Grade 2 classrooms.
You will be able to see the finished projects that the Grade 2 students have built for our Marble Movement Challenge!

We are looking forward to sharing our work with you!


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General Studies Homework

As mentioned yesterday, this week’s homework is all about preparing for Innovation Day (STEAM Fair). Today, the students started designing their projects for our Marble Movement Challenge! 

The homework is to gather materials to use for building their projects. We talked about gathering ONLY recycled materials (toilet paper rolls, juice/soda bottles, paper towel rolls, old shoe boxes, etc.). Your child can bring in these items all week long. 

Thank you!

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World Read Aloud Day meets JDAIM meets The OJCS Makerspace

The day has finally come! We can share our big secret with our followers!

You may have seen on Morah Lianna’s Twitter that we have been working on a secret project in the OJCS Makerspace! 


We are so excited to share this video with you today, on February 5th! 

Below is our video project that we have created in order to celebrate World Read Aloud Day (which is today!) and Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance, and Inclusion Month, also known as JDAIM, (which takes place through the whole month of February).

We hope you enjoyed our project! Special thanks to Madelaine Werier, co-founder of JOIN,  for the book recommendation and another special thanks to Josh Max, our IT Specialist, for filming and editing the video with Morah Lianna.


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General Studies Homework – Week of Feb. 3

Wow! I cannot believe it is already February. This will be our last week with homework until after the February break (due to a short week next week). 

New homework tasks went home today. 

Science: Giving an example of one reversible and one irreversible change to the state of matter (the reversible example we discussed was how water can freeze to become a solid and then melt back to being a liquid). 

Math: Calculate the perimeter of the swimming pool (image and dimensions in homework folder).

Social Studies: Compare and contract activities we do in the winter and summer using a Venn diagram.

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General Studies Homework – Week of Jan 27th

Hello Grade 2 Students and Parents,

This week’s homework is a little different…

You are being tasked with creating a Flip Grid Introduction video for our pen pals! You can download FlipGrid as an app on your device or you can simply use the FlipGrid website on a laptop/computer. Here is a link to our grid with our PenPals or you can use the QR code below.

NOTE: You will be asked to login using a google account. This can be done on a personal google account or with your child’s account (log in information was posted last week).  

We have used FlipGrid in class (and reviewed the steps today) so everyone should remember how to create a video and post it. However, if you have any issues, please reach out to me.

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Mixing Liquids & Solids

As you know, we have been exploring matter in Science class. Today we experimented with mixing liquids with different solids. 

You may notice that some of the items we used are not be kosher. I want to reassure you that we were working as scientists… NOT AS CHEFS! We were very careful not to put any of the items in our mouths. 

Milk + Chocolate Powder

Water + Sprinkles

Water + Flour

Water + Jello Powder


Of course, it wouldn’t be a science activity with out a little bit of a mess….

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General Studies Homework – Week of Jan. 20

Good afternoon,

Sorry for the delay on this post… so much excitement in Grade 2 that I forgot to hit “publish” yesterday!

Three new tasks to choose from this week.

  • Social Studies – Look up information about Ho Chi Minh City and write down some fun facts. You can use https://www.factmonster.com to help with the internet search.
  • Science – Be a liquids and solids detective in your own kitchen! Sort the items in a chart in your duotang.
  • Math – Use non-standard units of measurement to measure the length of your bed. (tip: some non-standard units of measure that we have used are unisex cubes and our hands). 

We are excited for all of the amazing activities going on this week! We will be finishing our pen pal letters, experimenting with different solids and liquids, starting a project in our OJCS Maker Space (stay tuned), and so much more! It is non-stop learning and smiles in Grade 2!

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OJCS Reading Challenge & BINGO

We have been working away on reaching our goal for the OJCS reading challenge. Each class (2A and 2B) has a goal to read 300 books. 

Some things that are different this year…

  • Students will complete a book review on FlipGrid or a book quiz on Accelerated Reader (in class) before getting to put a tally mark on our challenge tracker!
  • Students are also filling up a BINGO card for the books they read! Today we had our first Grade 2 BINGO winner! 

If your child is finishing books at home, I encourage you to have them complete a FlipGrid book review at home (school e-mail login required) or bring a note into school so they can do it in class and add to our challenge tracker!

UPDATE: We now have a second BINGO winner in Grade 2! So exciting. Who will get BINGO next!?



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Just some reminders…

Good afternoon Grade 2 parents and students!

Just a few reminders (and 1 exciting update)…

  • Tomorrow is our library day. If you have a book at home that is ready to be returned, please make sure it comes to school tomorrow!
  • New scholastic order forms went home today for 2A and will go home with 2B tomorrow. There is a neat STEAM issue!
  • You can stay up to date on our class by following our grade 2 class twitter accounts! @2Bojcs  @2Aojcs
  • Exciting update... we have new pen pals!! We received our first batch of letters from our new pen pals.. all the way in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We are excited to connect with them through letter writing and Flip Grid!
  • Lastly, Morah Lianna will be away tomorrow (January 15th). She is visiting another private school in Ottawa to observe a few different math teachers and learn more about personalized learning… stay tuned for more information on how we will be personalizing math later this year!