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2B French: Cette semaine… mars 2-6


This week, we are continuing to talk about the ways in which different animals survive the winter. In addition to their readers, students are to complete a “Who am I?” activity. Read (or listen below) to the clues and figure out which animal is being described.

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General Studies Homework

As mentioned yesterday, this week’s homework is all about preparing for Innovation Day (STEAM Fair). Today, the students started designing their projects for our Marble Movement Challenge! 

The homework is to gather materials to use for building their projects. We talked about gathering ONLY recycled materials (toilet paper rolls, juice/soda bottles, paper towel rolls, old shoe boxes, etc.). Your child can bring in these items all week long. 

Thank you!

2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – Week of Feb. 3

Wow! I cannot believe it is already February. This will be our last week with homework until after the February break (due to a short week next week). 

New homework tasks went home today. 

Science: Giving an example of one reversible and one irreversible change to the state of matter (the reversible example we discussed was how water can freeze to become a solid and then melt back to being a liquid). 

Math: Calculate the perimeter of the swimming pool (image and dimensions in homework folder).

Social Studies: Compare and contract activities we do in the winter and summer using a Venn diagram.

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Hebrew Homework Feb. 3 – 7

Shavua Tov!

In Ivrit this week we are preparing a skit about a Shkediah (almond tree). The shkediah is very sad because it is almost Tu B’shvat (her birthday) and she doesn’t have any flowers! Her friends come along and help her feel better. We are presenting the skit to kitah alef next Monday!

Each night for homework, please read the Hebrew text and find out the meanings of the underlined words. You do not need to memorize the meanings, or even write them down, just simply look them up to help understand the meaning of the text.

We talked about how we can find the meanings: Google, ask a friend, sibling or parent, check the dictionary or look HERE on the blog. Here are the definitions for this week.


לְבַד –  alone
בָּ- in the
אוֹזֶן – ear
מוּכָנָה – ready (f)


יָכִין – will prepare
יַלְבִּישׁ – will dress
יַפְרִיחַ – will blossom

תִּדְאֲגִי – don’t worry
יָפִים – pretty
נֶחְמָדָה – nice
לְבָנִים – white
דְבוֹרָה – bee
מְתוּקִים – sweet

בָּאִים – coming
הָעֲנָפִים – the branches
מַבְרִיקִים – shining

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2B French: Cette semaine… jan. 27-31


This week, we are starting to talk about different ways animals can survive the winter. We learned that some animals hibernate (go to sleep) for the winter in order to conserve (save) energy.

For homework this week, students have been asked to fill in the blanks, and trace the dotted words. My apologies that students did not get a chance to switch their weekly readers today (Monday). We will get new readers tomorrow (Tuesday). Please continue reading out loud, every day.

Also, if students are interested in accessing Lalilo at home, please e-mail me so that I may send you your parent code. Logging in is easy:

  1. Access the program by going to Google Chrome. This is the optimal browser for Lalilo. (Note: If you are using an IPad, make sure you’re using the iOS 11 version.)
  2. Go to www.lalilo.com
  3. Sign up as a Parent (you’ll need to choose a password)
  4. Once signed up, you’ll be asked to enter your parent code: /
  5. All done!


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Breakfast and Homework!

For the past few weeks, we have been learning how to say many different foods, action words and restaurant vocabulary in Hebrew. We will be using this new vocab to open up a אֲרוּחַת בֹּקֶר (breakfast) restaurant this Wednesday! The restaurant will be open from 9:30 – 10:45, so no need to send a morning snack!

Homework is to read the sentences in their מְחַבֶּרֶת (notebook) and draw a picture of at least one of the sentences. This is due Wednesday. 

For your interest…here is the תַּפְרִיט (menu) for the מִסְעָדָה (restaurant):