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Homework (April 24th-28th)

                             A few reminders…

1. On Wednesday, April 26, students are asked to come in any form of blue and white (still adhering to the dress code) in celebration of Israel’s 75th birthday!!!

2. The school along with the PTA will be providing Falafel in pita with hummus and salad to all the students as one of the many fun stations (the falafel will be gluten-free and we are attempting to find gluten free pitas).  This does not replace lunch.

3. Our Dress Down Day on Friday, April 28th will benefit the Jewish National Fund of Canada, so don’t forget your loonies and toonies!

4. EARLY NOTICE:  Thursday, May 25th will be designated a MILK / PAREVE day in order to be able to serve dairy treats in honour of the holiday of Shavuot!  Please mark your calendars!


Each Monday a student will choose a homework task from the week and it should be completed for the following Monday. There is no homework on Shabbat or Jewish holidays. Please let me know if it is taking more than 10 minutes each night. (send me an email). This homework should be able to be completed independently. Please note, daily reading is required, a book of their choosing.


  • Math Monday- The students will practise the math concept introduced. These activities will be either on IXL or in their Must Do folders, which will be located in their note totes. These note totes must be returned each day. This week their math activities are on IXL. Please click on the yellow star to find the assigned items, Level D M.2 or M.3. You have all week to complete it.


  • Share a Talent Tuesday (optional)-Does your child need to practice their violin or piano lessons? Have them share their talent by adding a video to Flipgrid to be seen by their classmates. This is our chance to celebrate other areas where they shine.



  • Wrap it up Thursday-Have your child tell us the title and author of the book they have just finished and have them give a detailed reason why we might want to read it next. Record your answer on

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