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A school where fun never ends!

The school is buzzing right now! There has been so much activity lately at the school, and students are shining. Kids enjoyed spending a morning with their grandparents doing fun activities in all three languages, and they proudly showed them their work.In french they wrote a list poem about their favorite animal.For Mother’s Day, they wrote a recipe for a delicious smoothie. They love practicing their reading and writing skills through reading buddies and playing games so that they can review all the new and old vocabulary. We are currently learning about the different food categories such as poultry,red meat and seafood and this week they will be creating their own menus.. As the end of the school year is getting closer, I insist on them reading the Je lis books daily so they can finish Grade 2 positively and successfully.

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Le printemps est ici!

The last two weeks have been full of meaningful learning at the OJCS. We learned C’est and Ce sont. We learned where fruits and vegetables grow; on the trees, above the ground, and below the ground. The kids made presentations about what their families adore, aime, n’aime pas, et déteste. We celebrated the 75th anniversary of Israel by working in different stations, cutting veggies for the pitas and the falafel, and dancing traditional dances. Finally, they worked so responsibly on the project: Mon animal idéal. The students chose or made up their favorite animal. They described its appearance, character, its needs, and its talents. The presentations will take place on Tuesday the 2nd. During reading buddy time with grade 8 on Friday, the children talked with their buddies about their animals and made a list with eight adjectives. I am always impressed by their ability to switch from French to Hebrew and vice versa every time I walk into the class. At the beginning of the school year, I felt like the odd duck out, but now learning another language( I am already trilingual) is just a BEAUTIFUL thing!!!!!

French Studies




La beauté de la langue française!!!

Alors les amis, why celebrate la Francophonie? I can think of thousands of reasons why but it comes down to one thing: we love the french language because it is smooth, rich, and flowing: we love speaking french because, with its nasal vowels and melodious intonation, it sounds very musical to a non-native ear. We want to learn French because it is also called the language of love, cooking, fashion, theater, visual arts, dance, and architecture.

During la francofête at our school, we had the pleasure to admire all the students from JK-grade 8 sing, dance, act, and recite poems in french!!!! All the teachers worked hard to make that happen. The students were proud of themselves, and their energy and passion were evident throughout the afternoon. During the week of the francophonie, they read books, heard stories, watched movies, played games, learned the ten magic words, and tasted french treats. Alors mes amis as the legendary teacher Dorothy Grace Boyajian once said, “Let us keep the flame of knowledge alive so we can light the candle of our children.”

A très bientôt!  




French Studies

Les plaisirs d’ hiver

Salut les parents!

Our kiddos are looking forward to the break. They have every reason to be excited since they have been working hard in class. Students are trying to master the French language in every possible way.

The results of the quizzes are mind-blowing. Not only do they know the vocabulary, but their confidence has increased considerably, since they have been challenging themselves (writing a story using some of the vocabulary). Confidence is the number one predictor of academic achievement.  We will continue with  two quizzes per month( one every second week) and two presentations after the break. It’s time they put all this knowledge (vocabulary, verbs like êre,avoir, and more to come)into practice. As far as reading is concerned, we have finished with the complex sounds. The kids need to practice “Je lis” regularly to remember the sounds and improve their fluency. The point is to move to a different level, but only once they have read the books correctly. That’s why you should advise them to listen to the story many times before recording especially when it comes to some tricky or new words. During the break, try to expose them to the French language as much as possible, visit museums, watch their favorite show like Minecraft, Pokémon, Barbapapa, Scooby-Doo, Ben 10 in french, listen to french songs, and use free online Apps like Duolingo, Hello- World French Children’s Activities can all make this journey for the kids educational and fun. Below you can see the amazing mazes and masks they made after being inspired by the story of The Minotaur as well as the song they sang.



Have a wonderful and exciting break.

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French update

Salut Grade 2 Parents!

The past two weeks, the students have been exposed to many interesting activities. Earlier this week, we arranged a video call with one of their classmates who is currently living in Paris and he has expressed the desire to see and speak to his old friends. As a result, all the students

had prepared a French question in advance about his school, hobbies, sports, animals, weather, food, new friends etc. It went very well and now the next step is to send him a short letter towards spring. Regarding their reading, they are improving by leaps and bounds. Not only is their accent better but their speed and fluency have improved as well. Every friday I always read with each one of them. This week, we started exploring some tales from Greek mythology, such as the Minotaur in the maze. They are so fascinated and by reading the story, they will acquire new vocabulary and they will try to do a comprehension activity.

Finally, they all did so well on the quiz with all the words. They were able to find the English meaning, to find the correct picture when they heard the word (the purpose of this is to identify the sound) and to read the sentences and do the drawing. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm. Their positive action combined with positive thinking results in success!



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French update

Salut  les parents,

This week we completed the first part of our dictée.  I was very pleased with the results and the children’s enthusiasm.  On Monday we will continue with part 2 (making sentences 2-5) and part 3 (optional-enrichment) and I will send their notebooks home so you can sign them.  You will also receive the homework for next week (it’s due on Friday).  It is a booklet with different activities related to autumn, we have been practicing the vocabulary all this time so most of it is already familiar to them. They can do one page per day.  In addition, I am sending you the following links where kids can practice the sound CH, GN, OI, EU playing.  In class we do syllable recognition, as well as reading practice all of the time. Finally, this week’s challenge for the students is the definite article LE, LA, L’, LES and its use.  Stay tuned! 









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Instead of dictée this week, I ask that each student bring a picture or drawing of their family to present to the class on Friday. They should practice presenting each of their family members in the picture, including themselves.

For example:

  • Me voici
  • voici ma maman
  • voici mon papa
  • voici ma petite soeur
  • voici mon petit frère

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