French Studies

Tell me,and I forget,teach me,and I may remember,involve me and I LEARN!!!!

Salut les parents!

These past 2 weeks the students have been working on particular sounds such as OI,ON,OM,AI,ET,EI,OU. They practice reading words in class,play games,revise the fall vocabulary and practice writing complex sentences using already taught material and the verb EST(is)SONT(are).Regarding the reading,I am finding that there are still some difficulties with the prononciation of the vowels in French. The vowels sound very different than they do in English and it is very important that they be pronounced properly as a mispronunciation can completely change the meaning of a word, or simply make it extremely difficult to understand. As a result, I am assigning Je lis a bit later,for the time being,I want them to focus on the texts with the specific sounds in order to improveĀ  their reading.

This week’s Challenge:learn the presentation “Tout sur moi”


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