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Getting Ready for Rosh Hashanah

In kitah bet we are getting ready for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Last week we read a story called, “Why do we blow the shofar in the Hebrew month of Elul?” We learned that the shofar is telling us to: “WAKE UP! A NEW YEAR IS COMING AND WE HAVE TO GET READY!” 

Bolded are the words we are learning in Hebrew.

What items do we need to get ready? 

תַפּוּחִים בִּדְבַשׁApples and honey for a sweet new year. (tapuchim b’dvash)

רִימוֹנִים – Pomegranates to represent all the mitzvot we will do this year. (rimonim)

חָלוֹת עַגוּלוֹת – Round Challah so that we will have a good year all year round. (challot agulot)

מַחֲזוֹר – Special prayer book to read the prayers just for the High Holidays. (machzor)

כַּרְטִיסֵי בְּרָכָה – Rosh Hashanah greeting cards to wish others a Shana Tova. (kartees bracha)


What else can we do to get ready for Rosh Hashanah?

תְּשׁוּבָה – We reflect on our year and think if there’s anything we can do better or change next year. (teshuvah)

סְלִיחָה – We say sorry to anyone we may have wronged. (selicha)

מִצְווֹת – We can do lots of good deeds to prepare for the new year. (mitzvot)


CLICK HERE to read the story we read in class. 



Winter Fun Day!

Good morning Grade 2 parents and students!

Our exciting Winter Fun Day is quickly approaching and before we can fully immerse ourselves in the wonder of snow and ice… We need consent forms filled and returned. I have printed paper copies for those who have not handed back in and extended the return date to Friday, February 7th, 2020. These copies will be coming home tonight.

As mentioned in a recent email you can indicate on the form whether your child wishes to partake in skating or tobogganing so we can allocate appropriate numbers of staff to each activity.

Regardless of the activity,  helmets MUST be worn.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss M

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Ashrei competition!

What better way to learn a new prayer than to put a little competition in the mix? 2A and 2B went up against each other to see which class learned Ashrei the best.


Judges were looking for ‘contestants’ who were following along on their siddur, singing, and being respectful participants. In the days leading up, 2B was the team to beat. 2A pulled through in the end and ultimately was the stronger class today. Both classes were rewarded with an ice cream sundae party to celebrate their hard work.

Thanks for your patience with the VoiceThread. When tested here at school, it seemed pretty straightforward. I now realize that depending on a variety of issues, it wasn’t as simple as I thought.

Shabbat Shalom!


Social Studies Update

What is climate? What are the various climates that exist around the world?  What adaptations are necessary in order for living things to survive in these conditions? These are just some of the questions the Grade 2 students are asking themselves as they work in small groups in order to complete their research.



STEAM Challenge

Can you make a marble run that allows your marble to accelerate, change direction  and move in more than one way (e.g. zig zag, round and round, up and down)?

That is exactly what our design teams were working on today. You are invited to come see the Grade 2 STEAM FAIR projects on Thursday, March 7th from 8:45-9:30 a.m.  We look forward
to showing off all our hard work!



A Quick Science Update

Before winter break, we wrapped up our unit on Movement by engaging in a scavenger hunt where the students searched the classroom to find the necessary fast facts to answer a list of questions based on their knowledge of simple machines. Fun was had by all! Don’t take my word for it, watch this video.



The students will have an opportunity to reflect, problem-solve and apply this knowledge to a STEM challenge scheduled to take place during our STEM fair in March.

Presently, our Grade 2 students are learning about the six different animal groups; mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and invertebrates. They work in pairs and in small groups in order to collect and share their information of each of these groups. Once they have foundation to work with, they will be given the opportunity to work on a research project of an animal they are curious about.