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Guest Blogger – My Podcast

I’m Orly and I’m writing this blog post to tell you about my podcast. 

I started a podcast because we heard about a podcast making app on a podcast I was listening to. So me and my dad thought that we should make a podcast. 

For our first podcast, we thought that we could do some stuff that was fun to listen to. We played some songs and talked about them for a bit. Our first one was just a little quick one because we did it at night. My dad played some podcasts to give me ideas… One of the podcasts had an intro so I thought we should also do an intro. Starting in episode 2, there is an intro song with my voice and my daddy joins at the end. 

I use the podcast to read books in French, English, and Hebrew! I also like to interview people on the podcast. I have interviewed my mom and my brother. 

Please check out my podcast on Spotify.

Please comment below with easy French and Hebrew books that I can read in my next episode. 

2B, Student Blogger

Guest Blogger – Social Studies Homework

Hi, my name is Noa. This blog post is about my Social Studies homework. 

For my Social Studies homework I made food from Mexico. It was tacos. I enjoyed making this dish. It was delicious! My mom and dad helped but I did a lot. I have helped to cook meals many times before and I have even baked! When I was cooking dinner last night, I was working with onions so my eyes got watery and they stung a bit. That didn’t feel very good.

We had hard shells, soft shells, beef, rice, and lots of toppings!! I asked my mom, dad,, and my sisters, Maia and Delilah, if they liked their dinner and they said yes! My favourite part of this was eating the tacos!

I like to cook because I am trusted with the stove. Next, I will cook spaghetti! I want to cook spaghetti because I think that working with noodles and sauce would be very fun. 

Please leave a comment to tell me what your favourite meal to cook is!

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Guest Blogger – My Vacation

Hi, my name is Lily and I’m in the Grade 2 class.

On my vacation, I went to Texas. I visited family that I didn’t know and they were Holocaust survivors. I spent time with Bill Morgan. He was my mom’s Zaidie’s first cousin.

I went to the Holocaust Museum and I got scared when I saw butterflies and what they represented. I learned a lot about the Holocaust and Nazis. I bought a book called The Whispering Town and shared it with the class when I got home. 

I wanted to share this on the blog because it was very special to me. It was special because my brothers weren’t there. I was with just my mom. It was special to learn about my family’s history. 


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Guest Blogger – How Volcanoes Erupt

Hi, my name is Sophia MB and I am student at The OJCS.

On Sunday, I used 5 liquids and baking soda for an experiment. I thought it would be cool… and it was!

The 5 liquids were vinegar, oil, orange juice, lemon juice, and water. My hypothesis was that the vinegar would explode, the oil would be calm, the orange juice would explode, the lemon juice would explode, and the water would be calm. I thought that the bitter liquids (like lemon juice) would explode.






We poured the liquids into mini cups and then we poured the baking soda into all of the liquids.

The thing that exploded the most was the lemon juice. Then came the vinegar. Then came the orange juice. The water only fizzed a bit, but the oil couldn’t dissolve the baking soda. So the baking soda just went all the way to the bottom of the oil and made a clump.

I did this experiment with my family. We recorded a video of me and my sister pouring the baking soda into the liquids.

As you can see in the video, the orange juice and vinegar just fizzed, the lemon juice exploded, the oil just made a clump, and the water was calm. My hypothesis was right for the lemon juice, the oil, and the water. 

I thought that this experiment was fun and interesting. I want to do another one again soon.


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Guest Blogger – Liam Designs a Racket

Hi, my name is Liam and I am a student in 2A.

On the weekend, my mom and I were playing a game where she would tell me something to act out… For example, being at a water park, being a chameleon, and being a tennis player. 

When I was being a tennis player, I decided to grab an Israeli toy that is a straw that you attach with connectors. Then, I built a bunch of tennis rackets and decided which one was the best.
I was choosing the best one based off what looked the most like a tennis racket. I think the one on the left with the thick, blue handle and yellow circle is the best. It is the best because the handle is thick and the circle looks like a tennis racket. The one in the middle with the red handle and blue line through the circle looks like a tennis racket but it is too heavy to it would just fall when I lifted it. 

I had fun when I was working on this. My little sister was also working on her own tennis rackets. My Morah thinks that maybe I should have a career in designing sports equipment or engineering. 


Student Blogger

Guest Blogger – Fenway Saves the Fish

Hi my name is Fenway. I am a student in 2A at the OJCS. I am blogging because I want to share what happened on the weekend. 

When I was biking over the new bridge that goes over the Canal, I saw 10 giant carp that were 2 feet long. They were in a little pond under the new bridge. I was worried because it wasn’t even a foot of water and the whole thing would freeze over the winter so the would die. 

My dad posted the pictures and video on his twitter account and I wrote a tweet to Jim Watson (the mayor). 

I tagged Jim Watson in the tweet so he can tell City Council to help the fish. Tim Tierney replied to my tweet. 

The next day, I went to check on the fish and there was no movement in the water. So we looked closer and the fish were gone. We saw footprints in the mud so we realized that the NCC helped rescue the fish. 

My Morah says we always need to reflect when we blog… so here I go:

It made me feel sad that the fish were not safe but the next day I was more happy because the fish were saved. I learned that Twitter can be useful to communicate with important people that can help make a difference.

Thank you to the people that saved the fish!