Dana Doron

Shalom!  My name is Dana, and I come straight from warm Israel. I was born, raised and lived in Tel Aviv all my life.

I have three sons, and since I was a child, I knew I would want to work with children 🙂.

I served in the Israeli army as a teacher. I studied immigrant youth at a boarding school who came to Israel without their parents (a unique program).
When I finished my military service, I started studying special education.
In the last year of my studies, I moved to a development town (Ayarat Pitu’ah Dimona), where I worked in special education.
After two years at Dimona, I returned to Tel Aviv and started working at a school for the next 17 years! I loved every moment there. I felt fun and meaningful both towards the staff and towards the students.
I like to study and specialize, so I have also learned remedial teaching, didactic diagnosis and behaviour analysis.

My self beliefs:
I believe that every child is different and unique. A strategy or way of learning that is good for one is not necessarily good for another, so I favour getting to know the child, listening to him, and understanding the best way for him to learn and succeed.