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Le printemps est ici!

The last two weeks have been full of meaningful learning at the OJCS. We learned C’est and Ce sont. We learned where fruits and vegetables grow; on the trees, above the ground, and below the ground. The kids made presentations about what their families adore, aime, n’aime pas, et déteste. We celebrated the 75th anniversary of Israel by working in different stations, cutting veggies for the pitas and the falafel, and dancing traditional dances. Finally, they worked so responsibly on the project: Mon animal idéal. The students chose or made up their favorite animal. They described its appearance, character, its needs, and its talents. The presentations will take place on Tuesday the 2nd. During reading buddy time with grade 8 on Friday, the children talked with their buddies about their animals and made a list with eight adjectives. I am always impressed by their ability to switch from French to Hebrew and vice versa every time I walk into the class. At the beginning of the school year, I felt like the odd duck out, but now learning another language( I am already trilingual) is just a BEAUTIFUL thing!!!!!

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