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Guest Blogger – Liam Designs a Racket

Hi, my name is Liam and I am a student in 2A.

On the weekend, my mom and I were playing a game where she would tell me something to act out… For example, being at a water park, being a chameleon, and being a tennis player. 

When I was being a tennis player, I decided to grab an Israeli toy that is a straw that you attach with connectors. Then, I built a bunch of tennis rackets and decided which one was the best.
I was choosing the best one based off what looked the most like a tennis racket. I think the one on the left with the thick, blue handle and yellow circle is the best. It is the best because the handle is thick and the circle looks like a tennis racket. The one in the middle with the red handle and blue line through the circle looks like a tennis racket but it is too heavy to it would just fall when I lifted it. 

I had fun when I was working on this. My little sister was also working on her own tennis rackets. My Morah thinks that maybe I should have a career in designing sports equipment or engineering. 


2B, French Studies

2B French – Cette semaine and Learning with Lalilo


In addition to their weekly reader, this week’s homework is called “Dans mon pupitre”. Read each person’s description and match them to what is in their desk.

Students in 2B have begun using the Lalilo program to help build fluency, comprehension, and word recognition in French. The site offers different stories and activities for students to complete. Students can access Lalilo using a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

If your child would like to work on Lalilo at home, they may do so by going to, and clicking Login, followed by “I AM A STUDENT”. Our school code is ZXWAQM. 


2A, 2B, General Studies

General Studies Homework – Week of Nov. 11

New homework tasks are going home today. The students had the choice between last week’s tasks or the following 3 new taks. 

Social Studies – Research a celebration that you aren’t familiar with. Answer the questions in your homework folder.

Math – Create a pictograph based on the information in the tally chart (in your homework folder).

Science – Sort the animals into their proper classification groups.

2A, 2B, General Studies

#STUBC – Week 5

This week’s task was all about music. We learned that we can’t just take any music we want for a video because songs have copyright like pictures do.

We talked about the apps that we use to play music… like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Google Music. You can buy a subscription for the app or sometimes you can use it for free and listen to commercials in the middle of songs.

We made a playlist on Youtube of some of our favourite songs. We can stream the music legally on Youtube but you CAN’T download the music from Youtube. We hope you enjoy listening to some of our favourite songs!

2A Playlist    2B Playlist 

2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Hebrew Vocabulary

Here is a list of the Hebrew verbs we have been learning in class. We are in the middle of creating games to help us use these words in sentences and in our daily conversations. Try to use them at home if you’d like.

יוֹשֵׁב – sit (yo-shev)
הוֹלֵךְ – go/walk (ho-lech)
לוֹמֵד – learn (lo-med)
שׁוֹתֶה – drink (sho-teh)
אוֹהֵב – like/love (o-hev)
אֹוכֶל – eat (o-chel)
נוֹתֵן – give (no-ten)
קוֹרֵא – read (ko-reh)
עוֹמֵד – stand (o-med)
אוֹמֵר – says (o-mer)
כּוֹתֵב – write (ko-tev)

2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – Week of Nov. 4th

Your child chose their homework task today and put it in their red homework folder. Reminder: the task is due on Monday (November 11th).

Here are the tasks that were available to choose from (along with some helpful links/resources where applicable). Please note that there were 2 choices for most subject areas but your child only chooses one task to complete per week.

Language Arts

  1. Edit the paragraph in your homework folder using MINTS and fixing the run-on sentences. Here is the MINTS anchor chart from our classroom to help you at home.
  2. Film a video reading to someone (e-mail it to Morah Lianna) and answer the 2 questions in your homework folder. 

Social Studies

  1. Parent interview about favourite celebrations.


  1. Create a graph using your toys at home.
  2. Describe the information on the graph in the homework folder. 


  1. Research your favourite animal and share 3 facts. Here are some helpful websites to get you started: Fact Monster and National Geographic Kids
  2. Respond to the question on our Homework FlipGrid (you can use that link or scan the QR code)

    (hint: the 6 different groups of animals that we have been learning about are mammals, insects, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians).