2A, 2B, General Studies

Global Connections All Around

Last week, we participated in Global Maker Day! This is a day dedicated to collaboration and innovation! Our Kitah Bet students discovered their inner innovators in order to “make locally & share globally”. The best part? Well the whole experience was pretty awesome, but one of the best parts was that all of our materials were recycled items!

We shared some other highlights of our ramps on the class Twitter accounts (@2Aojcs  /  @2bojcs).








One of my favourite activities of the year is the Global Read Aloud. Students all over the world are reading the same chapter book on the same reading schedule for 6 weeks. Throughout the 6 weeks, we will be working on a variety of activities related to the book (i.e. vocabulary study, making predictions, finding personal connections with the text). We will also be able to connect with some of the students around the world who are also reading this book! In week 1, we participated in a Twitter Chat with students in North America. The author even replied to our tweet!

We look forward to making more global connections throughout the school year! Just like our OJCS North Star says, ‘We Learn Better Together’! 

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