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General Studies Homework – Week of Oct. 18

Hello Grade 2 students (and parents)!

WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST WEEK OF HOMEWORK! Just like I said in class, you must choose 1 of the homework tasks below and complete it before next Monday. If you’d like to, you can complete 2, 3, or maybe even all 4 of the tasks… BUT you only NEED to do 1! 

Language Arts: Film yourself reading a book to your sibling or parent on Flipgrid (press “join with Google”. You must use your OJCS account to sign in). After reading, answer the following questions (either in your Flipgrid video OR comment on this blog post).
Who is your favourite character in the book? Why?
Was there anything you didn’t like about the book?

Math: On Jamboard, draw a growing pattern (pretend you have the cubes from the classroom). Type out the pattern rule. Don’t forget to share your work with Morah Lianna (blue button in the top corner)!

Science: Research your favourite animal and share 3 interesting facts about that animal by commenting on this blog post. You can use books or websites. Here are 2 websites to get you started:


Social Studies: Interview your parent about their favourite celebration. Ask them the following questions and write their answers by commenting on this blog post.

Parent’s Favourite Celebration:
When is the celebration held?
Who do they celebrate with?
What is the purpose/meaning of the celebration?
Are there any special traditions for this celebration?

This week we are focusing on (re)learning how to access all of these online platforms and apps! The only login information you will need for this week is your OJCS Google Account. The username (OJCS email) and password are the same from last year. Please reach out to Morah Lianna if you need ANY assistance!

*I encourage you to complete your work virtually. However, if it is too challenging in your home to do paperless homework, you can access this homework doc and print the required page(s). 

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Tomorrow (October 19th) is picture day! Please make sure your child is wearing their WHITE OJCS SHIRT!

14 thoughts on “General Studies Homework – Week of Oct. 18”

  1. This is how you write a comment on a blog post. Make sure you are being safe online by only sharing your first name!! I am excited to read your comments and check your homework!

      1. Hi Boaz,
        I just look up “Axolotl” on Google images and the pictures freaked me out!! Thanks for sharing those animal facts!
        Morah Lianna

    1. spiny dogfish sharks
      they live in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
      spiny dogfish sharks are small bottom feeders
      they hunt in groups that can go into the thousands

      1. Hi Reuv,
        I didn’t even know about this kind of shark! I was hoping they would look like little Coopers because of the name “dogfish”!!
        Morah Lianna

  2. My mom loves to celebrate her anniversary with my dad on May 15. She likes to celebrate with my dad and family to remember their wedding . It is a special day to celebrate their love. They still have a piece of their wedding cake. We eat it every year.

    1. Hi Marlowe,
      I think it is so lovely that you celebrate your parent’s anniversary as a family! Is the wedding cake as yummy as carrot cake?!
      Morah Lianna

  3. I researched jellyfish for my science project. Here is what I found:

    1) jellyfish have no brain! They use nerves and automatic reflexes to move and catch their prey.
    2) when they are born, they can be as small as the tip of a pencil
    3) jellyfish have tentacles that drag behind them and sting their prey. Their tentacles can be as long as an airplane.

    Jellyfish are cool!

    1. Hi Ollie,
      I am surprised by some of these facts!! When I think of Jelly Fish, I think of the scene in Finding Nemo when they need to get through all the jelly fish. Have you ever seen that movie?
      Morah Lianna

  4. cheetah
    the cheetahs are very fast. they run up to 70 miles per hour.
    cheetah are racing towards extinction.
    they live in Africa

    1. Hi Yaara,
      Cheetahs are very fast! I wonder how fast you can run!? Maybe we should ask Miss Karissa to time you in gym class!?
      Morah Lianna

  5. Hi Morah Lianna,

    I’m so excited to do your homework. I really hope I have a good time doing your homework. I bet that I will. I know lots of things about squirrels. They like to eat walnuts and cherry blossoms and bird seed and all nuts. They hide in their holes when there is a predator. They can fall from any height and not get injured. Also their teeth never stop growing. You should watch the Mark Rober squirrel videos. They are really funny. Thank you Morah Lianna for hearing facts about squirrels.

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