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Back to School Night

Hi Grade 2 Parents,

This is a friendly reminder that our Virtual Back to School Night is tonight! The Grade 2 Teachers will be hosting a Google Meet from 8:00-8:30pm.

If you are unable to attend, you can access recordings of our sessions below. There is also a blog post with videos from Miss Brigitte about how the Library will be working this year.

General Studies – Morah Lianna

Morah Batya – Hebrew

Madame Sophie – French


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Maccabiah Games 2020

Hello Grade 2 Students and Parents!

We are so excited for this year’s #OJCSonline Virtual Maccabiah Games on Friday, June 5th from 9AM until 3PM!

Here is what you need to know: 

The day will be a mixture of team meetings on Google Meet (links will be on our regular class schedule) and a series of missions on the app GooseChase. This is an event for the whole family! Parents and siblings can all play together! Please let Morah Lianna know if your child is NOT going to be playing with a parent or older sibling so we can team them up with an older student or teacher. 

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Angela Dominguez Visits Grade 2!

What a fantastic way to end our week! 

We started our journey with Stella in October 2019. As a class we read Stella Diaz Has Something To Say for the Global Read Aloud! We totally fell in love with Stella (and not just because the cover of the book is Morah Lianna’s favourite colour). 


After connecting with Angela Dominguez on Twitter a few times, we saw that she was releasing a second Stella Diaz Book! We were so excited that she replied to our tweets!


Jumping into Distance Learning in the middle of March, Morah Lianna decided this was a perfect time to read Stella Diaz Never Gives Up! Over the last month and a half, the students in Grade 2 listened to Morah Lianna reading this Stella Diaz book chapter by chapter. We fell more in love with Stella  (is that even possible?!). We did some awesome activities as “chapter follow ups”… we explored the Shedd Aquarium via Twitter and we even made tote bags to help follow Stella’s pledge! 

After sharing a picture of the DIY tote bag & tweeting back and forth with the incredible author (Angela Dominguez), Morah Lianna decided to direct message (DM) and ask for a virtual author visit! Angela Dominguez was so quick to reply and set up this visit! WE ARE SO LUCKY!

We spent this week brainstorming questions on Jamboard and preparing for the big visit!

Having Angela Dominguez join us was incredible! She answered all of our questions, introduced us to her favourite animal (her dog, Petunia), and shared some wisdom about reading, writing, and believing in yourself!




We can’t wait for Stella Diaz Dreams Big to come out in January 2021!

We are also crossing our fingers and toes that some of our names show up in book #4!


Grade 2 Parents: If you have any pictures or videos from this incredible author visit, please send them my way so I can add them to this blog post!

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Hello Grade 2! 

Knesset has put together an OJCS Earth Day Challenge. Can you try to complete all 10 challenges?! CAN YOU DO IT BEFORE THE END OF APRIL?!

Knesset is asking families that are comfortable to share photos and videos of themselves completing any of the challenges using #OJCSEarthDayChallenge. If you’d like to, you can even e-mail photos and videos from this challenge to Morah Lianna and she will share them on the class twitter accounts!

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Innovation Day!

Hello Grade 2 Parents!

We are so excited for Innovation Day (formerly known as STEAM Fair) on Thursday, March 5th!

You are all invited to join us on Thursday from 8:45am-9:25am in the Grade 2 classrooms.
You will be able to see the finished projects that the Grade 2 students have built for our Marble Movement Challenge!

We are looking forward to sharing our work with you!


Student Blogger

Guest Blogger – My Vacation

Hi, my name is Lily and I’m in the Grade 2 class.

On my vacation, I went to Texas. I visited family that I didn’t know and they were Holocaust survivors. I spent time with Bill Morgan. He was my mom’s Zaidie’s first cousin.

I went to the Holocaust Museum and I got scared when I saw butterflies and what they represented. I learned a lot about the Holocaust and Nazis. I bought a book called The Whispering Town and shared it with the class when I got home. 

I wanted to share this on the blog because it was very special to me. It was special because my brothers weren’t there. I was with just my mom. It was special to learn about my family’s history.