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Social Studies Activity

Hello Grade 2 Families,
As you may know, we are learning about Heritage and Identity in Social Studies. In preparation for tomorrow’s (Friday, October 9th) activity, your child has been tasked with finding out where his/her name comes from. This can be their first name, middle name, hebrew name, or all of the above.

I encourage you to help your child comment on this blog post explaining where their name comes from (or alternatively, writing it on a piece of paper to bring to school tomorrow).

I look forward to learning about all of your children’s names in Social Studies class tomorrow!



18 thoughts on “Social Studies Activity”

  1. Jonah means dove. My name is Jonah because we not only liked the way it sounded but because a dove represents peace, tranquility, and strength (i got this from my baby book). My Hebrew name is named after my dad and mom’s grandmothers.

  2. My name is Orly Rebecca
    My name means “my light” in hebrew.
    My middle name, Rebecca, is after my mom’s Bubbie

  3. My Hebrew name is Moshe- Keren. I am named after my great grandpa Moshe and my mommy’s mommy Karen who I never got to meet. My English name is Sebastian which my parents just think sounded “cool!”

  4. My name is Maia Gabrielle. My middle name Is after my great grandmother Gertrude Bertha. My parents didn’t think either of those were very pretty names so they took the G and the B and came up with Gabrielle.

  5. My name is Jonas Elliott Prehogan (JEP)
    My initials are the same as my late great Grandfather, Jack Earl Prehogan.
    My middle name, Elliott, is named after my Grandma Estelle and my Great Grandmother, Ethel.

    1. My name is Samantha Dora.
      I was named Samantha after my mommy’s Zaida Sam and Dora after my Bobie Frayda’s Auntie Dora

  6. My name is Emma Sydney.
    I was named Emma after my Zaida Barry’s older brother, Murray, and Sydney after my Bobie Frayda’s Uncle Sonny.

  7. My name is jack, I am named after my great grand-father – Jack Smith. He was a caterer in the Ottawa Jewish community and fed the whole community and probably made your parents wedding and your friends bar and bat mitzvah’s. My hebrew name is Yakov Levi – Yakov was the father of the 12 tribes of isreal ; Levi means to join or connect, I love to connect with my friends at school.

  8. My name is Sophie Rose. “Sophie” or “Sophia” means wisdom. I was named after my dad’s favorite book “Le monde de Sophie/Sophie’s world”. My middle name is after my great grandmother. Rose is also my mom’s middle name.

  9. Hi Grade 2!
    My name is Lianna Sarah. My parents chose the name Lianna from a character in a TV show that my mom used to love. Sarah was my mom’s mom’s Hebrew name. My Hebrew name is Nechama. That was my mom’s bubbie’s name.

  10. Hi Grade 2! I loved reading about where all your names come from. Like all of you, I was named after special people in my family. My first name is Melissa and I was named after my grandmother’s uncle Moshe. He is special to us because he helped her during World War II. My Hebrew name, Miriam, is named after him too.

  11. My name is GIla Aviva. I am not named after anyone because I am the third girl and thankfully there was no one to be named after! I am named Gila because I am the joy my parents got in the spring. Gila means joy and Aviva means spring.

  12. My name is Shayna Adira. I am named after my great grandmother’s grandmother Shayna. My mom and dad named me Shayna Adira because I looked beautiful and strong when I was born. It took them 4 days to name me but I think they came up with a great name!

  13. Shalom Kitah bet! My Hebrew name is Batya Sarah. My first name is after my great grandmother Betsy, whose Hebrew name was also Batya. Batya means the daughter of God. My middle name is after my dad’s sister who passed away before I was born.

  14. hi my name is nathaniel andrew breiner and i was named after my mommys
    grandmother Anne and that is why my name is andrew.

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