Learning French is so much fun!

Salut les parents!

These 2 weeks we continued with our complex sounds. We have covered already ON,OM  and the students always read in class the words and sentences,make their own phrases with the vocabulary plus other useful expressions and verbs like  EST and do syllable recognition and spell the words.We continue with School vocabulary,meanwhile we revise the days,months and seasons of the year.In class I work with each one of them separately with the aim of assessing their reading and writing skills and identify the areas that need further improvement.The students benefit a great deal from Reading Buddies because not only do they read to each other but they also write some sentences and new words.At the end they always play Blooket revising every time the vocabulary taught during that period.The highlight of these 2 weeks was during Orange Dress Day when the kids learnt how to say in french”Every child matters””Chaque enfant compte”, Terry Fox Day when the kids explained why Terry is their hero and  of course our Communication buddies with older grades when my amazing grade 2 have the chance to practice short dialogues that we have prepared in advance.Talk,talk and more talk in French.Enjoy the pictures and the videos.

IMG_6275 Terry fox video

IMG_6288 (1)Chaque enfant compte

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