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Hebrew Homework

Shalom Kitah bet! Happy “almost” month of Adar!

For the next several weeks we will be changing up the Hebrew homework just a bit:

  • Students will continue to bring home their blue machberet with a new reading insert.
  • Students will have as many nights as needed to do the reading and get it initialed by a parent.
  • As they finish a reading, they will take a new one in class. This will allow for those who wish to practise more, to move ahead, and for those who want to take their time, to do so at there own pace.
  • Students should copy the first 2 – 3 sentences in cursive. They will have some time in class to begin this.
  • Hyflex students will get the reading inserts when they return to class.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions. 

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