French Studies

Deciphering the reading assessments

By now, you should have received access to a folder containing your child’s reading assessments. Many of you had questions regarding how to interpret this data.

In red at the top, you will find the level that was assessed.

In green, the letter E marks the errors. As your child reads, I checkmark each word that is read correctly. In the “E” column, you will find the mistakes for each page read.

In purple, the AC marks any autocorrections made by your child during reading time.

In yellow, on the second page, you will find the total errors made by your child while reading this book. If the number of errors exceeds 10% of the total words, it is too difficult.

On the third page, you will find the comprehension questions. These questions were asked in French and I used gestures and signs to help with understanding. Whether your child answered in French or English, at this point in the year, is not assessed.

Individually, these assessments won’t mean much. As your child is assessed more and more throughout the year, these will help you track reading and comprehension progress.

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