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General Studies Homework – Week of Nov. 8

Happy Monday Grade 2 Families!

We have a short school week with Friday being a PD day… but we have another awesome week filled with learning, fun, and 4 new homework tasks! Reminder: you must complete ONE task (and you can choose to complete 2, 3, or even all 4)! It is due on next Monday!

Language Arts: Open this Google Doc (it will force you to make a copy) and edit the paragraph I wrote using your MINTS. Don’t forget to share it with Morah Lianna! 

Social Studies: Research a celebration from any country outside of Canada. Comment on this blog post with some information that you learned. Here are great examples of questions to answer: What is the celebration called? Where is the celebration celebrated? What season is it celebrated in? What are some of the traditions?

Science: Try out this Quizizz! Once you open it and add your name (ONLY YOUR FIRST NAME) then press start. It will then ask you to press “start game”. 

Math: Clear some skills on IXL

We have a new website that we are trying out this week (Quizizz) – please be in touch if you have any questions about it or you are having any tech-related issues with anything! 

have a good week

4 thoughts on “General Studies Homework – Week of Nov. 8”

  1. Social Studies-
    USA Thanksgiving
    It is in November.
    We eat turkey.
    My Eema and Abba used to do Thanksgiving in the USA. We went to a parade.

  2. Thanksgiving
    It is in November. I love watching the parade in New York . We have a great meal at my uncles house. I love the balloons in the parade.

  3. Did you know that in Spain they have a Tomato Festival where they throw tomatoes at each other just for fun and they get really, really messy.  The festival is called is La Tomatino.  They throw 110 tons of tomatoes at each other.  It happens on August 24th every year in Valencia.  Did you know it gets so messy they start to swim in tomato juice.

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