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Visit with Dr. Cassandra Marion

Today we had a guest speaker (virtually) visit our classroom! Dr. Cassandra Marion, the Science Advisor at The Aviation and Space Museum , shared an interactive presentation all about the Mars Perseverance Rover! 

We learned about the purpose of this mission, how Perseverance (the rover) landed on Mars, we saw pictures and videos, and asked A LOT OF QUESTIONS!

Some fun facts that we learned are…
-Mars is very dusty and very cold!
-People working in Mission Control switched to Mars Time for the first 3 months of the mission. (That is a 39 hour long day, instead of 24 hours!)
-The Perseverance Rover dropped a helicopter on Mars to see if we can fly on Mars

Dr. Cassandra shared this video with us so we can see what Mars looks like up close!

If you want to explore Mars on your own, you can check it out here! Each child is also taking home a Perseverance colouring page with a few fun facts about the Perseverance Rover!

I would like to give a big thank you to Dr. Cassandra Marion for volunteering her time to come visit our class today and a very special shout out to Howard Fremeth, a Kitah Bet parent, for connecting me with Dr. Cassandra and setting this presentation up!

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