2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Some January Highlights in Kitah Bet

Kitah Bet  – 2A and 2B – have been busy since returning from winter vacation! Over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed activities and many visitors that brought Ruach into our classroom.  Some of the special events included a Friday Movie Day with specially delivered snacks from Israel for everyone to try! Kitah Bet also enjoyed a winter fun activity, tobogganing down the snow mountains in our schoolyard.


Kitah Gimmel visited our class last week to teach us a song (and accompanying actions!) about Parashat Lech Lecha, the story we have been studying in the Chumash… Toda Raba Kitah Gimmel !

To finish the week, Kitah ז – Grade 7, visited our class as a component of their Mitzvah Trip to play a fun Kahoot game and to teach us about the Parasha this week, Vaera. We had so much fun getting to play with grade 7 and play a fun activity while learning!

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