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Getting Ready to Launch Blogfolios

Dear Grade 2 Parents,


We are excited to launch student blogfolios this year in March. Please read the information below and sign the permission form at the bottom of this letter and send it back in their note tote before February 10, 2023.


The Why of Student Blogfolios


A blogfolio allows students and teachers (“the learners”) to collect and demonstrate over time their goals, process, and growth towards these goals and other objectives. The ownership rests with the learner to present evidence of steps towards and accomplishments of their goals. (Langwitches.org) If we look towards our North Stars it sets the stage for students to own their learning. Sharing these blogfolios also encourages their classmates to celebrate successes and share new strategies moving forward (we are responsible for each other). These Blogfolios allow both the student and teacher to keep track of their progress, successes, and learning over time (throughout their academic career) in an organized way. Blogfolios capture the whole child in a way that standardized tests and summative tests cannot.


The What and Where of Student Blogfolios:

A blogfolio is a digital portfolio built on a blogging platform such as WordPress. The platform used by the OJCS for blogging is Edublogs. In their portfolios, the students will choose artifacts (work samples that provide evidence of learning, experiences, or goals). These artifacts can include text, video, audio, and images. Students can express themselves according to their strengths or learning styles. They will have many opportunities to reflect on their learning journeys and will independently (or with support when necessary) choose the next steps (future goals).


The Who (will have access to) of Student Blogfolios

 As a soft launch into student blogfolios, all students will each be given their blogs. We will begin adding artifacts to our blogs based on what we are doing in class. There are a few things you should know:


  • Blogfolio URLs (addresses) will follow the formula: firstnamelastinitialojcs.edublogs.org (ex: ann-lynnrojcs.edublogs.org);


  • All posts and comments will have to be approved by Morah Ann-Lynn, Morah Sigal, Morah Corinne, or Madame Effie before they get published;


  • Students (with the consent of their parents) may choose to post pictures and videos of themselves and their work online;


  • Personal information (address, last name, birthday, etc.) WILL NEVER be posted on the blogfolio;


  • Students will be encouraged to comment on each other’s posts;


  • Parents who choose to comment are asked to use their first name only, so as not to identify personal information about the child.


Understanding that this may feel new and uncomfortable to some of you and our students, there are a few privacy settings to choose from:


  • Public Blogfolio – The URL will include the student’s first name and last initial. It will be public, meaning anyone would have access to seeing the content and comments (for example, our class blog is public.) This adds tremendous value to the work students are doing, in that their audience is greater than their teacher and peers, and they’ll see that others care to read what they say. For example, connecting directly with scientists, subject matter experts, authors, other students from around the world, etc.;


  • Public Avatar Blogfolio– The URL is made up of an alias and students do not post their real name, picture, or video on their Blogfolio. However, the site is still public and anyone will be able to access the content and comment.
  • Password Protected Blogfolio – The URL will include the student’s first name and last initial. Anyone who tries to access the blogfolio will be required to enter a password. Students and parents would control who knows the password.
  • Private Blogfolio– The URL will include the student’s first name and last initial. Only people with an edublog account (parents would need to create one to have access) who have been granted permission to the blog will be able to view the content.


The When of Student Blogfolios


These blogfolios will not be posted until March, just in time for our next set of interviews.


Please ensure you have carefully read through all the information above. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. Please complete and return the attached permission form.




          The Grade 2 Team

Grade 2 OJCS Blogfolios


I ______________________________, give permission for


_____________________________, to participate in the Grade 2 Blogfolio Program.


I give permission for the following blogfolio setting (please select one)


  1. Public Blogfolio


  1. Public Avatar Blogfolio. I would like my child’s avatar name to be:




  1. Password Protected Blogfolio o Private Blogfolio


Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________________________


Signature: _______________________________________________________________

2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Some January Highlights in Kitah Bet

Kitah Bet  – 2A and 2B – have been busy since returning from winter vacation! Over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed activities and many visitors that brought Ruach into our classroom.  Some of the special events included a Friday Movie Day with specially delivered snacks from Israel for everyone to try! Kitah Bet also enjoyed a winter fun activity, tobogganing down the snow mountains in our schoolyard.


Kitah Gimmel visited our class last week to teach us a song (and accompanying actions!) about Parashat Lech Lecha, the story we have been studying in the Chumash… Toda Raba Kitah Gimmel !

To finish the week, Kitah ז – Grade 7, visited our class as a component of their Mitzvah Trip to play a fun Kahoot game and to teach us about the Parasha this week, Vaera. We had so much fun getting to play with grade 7 and play a fun activity while learning!

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Homework (Dec.12th-16th)

  • Each Monday a student will choose a homework task from the week and it should be completed for the following Monday. There is no homework on Shabbat or Jewish holidays. Please let me know if it is taking more than 10 minutes each night. (send me an email). This homework should be able to be completed independently. Please note, daily reading is required, a book of their choosing.


  • Math Monday- The students will practise the math concept introduced. These activities will be either on IXL or in their Must Do folders, which will be located in their note totes. These note totes must be returned each day. This week their math activity is on IXL.  Only do one stared item. Remember to use starred items. Listening to this video will help you use IXL as it was intended.


  • Share a Talent Tuesday (optional)-Does your child need to practise their violin or piano lessons? Have them share their talent by adding a video to Flipgrid to be seen by their classmates. This is our chance to celebrate other areas where they shine.


  •  Wonder Wednesdays-If you find a simple machine in your house, draw it, label it and bring the drawing in. Here is this week’s video.


  • Wrap it up Thursday-Have your child tell us the title and author of the book they have just finished and have them give a detailed reason why we might want to read it next. Record your answer on Flipgrid
2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Learning about Chanukah – trilingual-y!

One aspect of teaching about Chanukah that brings me joy (and there are many!) is the pure excitement students display when creating and hanging decorations to brighten our classroom for the festival of lights. Students sing along to new and familiar Chanukah songs while drawing, cutting, and gluing dreidels, Chanukiot, and sufganiyot with their favourite fillings. However wonderful that our students are inspired and excited, what stands out is how special it is that our students get to learn, and share in this excitement in a trilingual environment, and immerse themselves in learning about the holidays in Hebrew, English, and French.

Below are some pictures of our classroom Chanukah board, which shows some of the vocabularies that we have been learning for the holiday in both Hebrew and French.


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How Best To Support At Home

Here are a few videos, games, apps and anchor charts to help with supporting your child at home. I have reposted some of the items from last year as they continue to be helpful tools. Remember not all of the items posted is for everyone. We are all on our own learning journey.


  • Click on this video to review the correct way to hold a pencil.

Handwriting Without Tears letter and number formation.McKenna, Mrs. / Handwriting Without Tears | Handwriting without tears, Writing without tears, Preschool writing

Letter placement anchor chart.


Extra support for Math below if needed:

  • Click on this video to see various addition strategies introduced in class.
  • Click on this video to see how to add double digits with regrouping.
  • Click on this video to see various subtraction strategies introduced in class. I have not used Touch Math.
  • Click on this video to see how to subtract double digits.
  • Click on this video to see what the students have learned about place value.
  • Use IXL to practise various skills. Remember to use starred items. Listening to this video will help you use IXL as it was intended.


Read science books on Epic. Code (cryr9056) Sorry but this option is only available for free during school hours.

If needed review these videos on simple machines.


Inclined Plane



Wheel and Axle


Social Studies:

Birthday Traditions Around the World has been our focus, to learn more about them watch this video.

To better understand what are inquiry based questions are, watch this video.


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Grade 2 Hebrew Homework – Week of December 5th

Shalom Parents!
With Channukah quickly approaching, we are shifting our focus toward learning all about this exciting holiday in the coming weeks.
Students are asked to read and listen to a Channukah song each night for this week’s Hebrew homework from the slides below. Students are not required to copy the text into their notebooks this week.
Shavuah Tov, have a wonderful week!

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Exciting Events in December

Hi Grade 2 Families

We have two exciting things coming up on the OJCS calendar and we want to make sure that you have your calendars marked!

The Scholastic Book Fair!

This is a great way to support the OJCS library while also purchasing books for your library at home! We will be visiting as a class on Wednesday, December 7th. However, throughout the week, parents can pop into the book fair before and after school; it opens at 8:30AM and closes at 4:00PM. The book fair will also be open on Thursday night (Dec. 8) during P/T Conferences from 6:00PM-7:30PM and Friday (Dec. 9) during P/T Conferences from 8:30AM-12:00PM. Feel like shopping from home? Use the Virtual Book Fair Link! I will be sending home a flyer tomorrow that you can browse with your child in preparation for the Book Fair! We have already started putting together our class wishlist!

Family Chanukah Celebration

On Tuesday, December 20th at 6:30pm, we will gather as a school community to celebrate Chanukah IN PERSON for the first time in years! Come join us for an evening of performances and a sweet Chanukah treat. I will absolutely be there as Chanukah is one of my favourite holidays.

Mark your calendars!


2A, 2B, General Studies

In the KNOW

Curious about what your children have been doing here at the OJCS? Wonder no more. Here is a snapshot of what we have been doing in every subject. 

Language Arts:

Wordly Wise – The children have already completed three full lessons where they have been introduced to new vocabulary and read passages containing these words.  Once they have read these passages they are onto answering text based, opinion and inferencing questions which they must answer using complete sentences.

Language Power – We have been working on understanding that a proper noun is always capitalized. Can they spot the error? Another activity that challenged their ability to apply what they know. Here they must spot the incorrect spelling, punctuation and capitalization of words in a sentence. It was extremely quiet in the classroom as they completed this activity.

Author Study-Each month we explore yet another collection of books during our author study. The students have a scheduled library period where Brigitte (our librarian) introduces a new author and reads books from their collection. We then bring them to our classroom to use during transition times and our literacy blocks.


Workshops-We participated in our first Grade 2 workshop entitled Digital Citizen. The students watched a video followed by a class discussion on how we stay safe while online.

Writing-Did your child talk about hamburger writing? What they are referring to is a graphic organizer which is helping them create journal entries with a topic sentence, 3 details and a concluding sentence. Just as they have become passionate readers, this year our goal is to create journal entries full of fabulous details that leaves the reading wanting more.


Numbers/Algebra- Skip counting, growing and shrinking patterns, place value are just some of what we have introduced or gone to the next level within our numeracy blocks. The students have to have a strong sense of place value in order to be able to add and subtract double digits. Depending where they are in their learning journey, they are working on double digits with no regrouping or regrouping. Either way they are at their Just Right level. There are those that have moved on to more. Remember the first step is demonstrating to me that they can independently complete the tasks assigned before we move on to more. A strong foundation is very important!

Data-We are continuing to expand our understanding on how to collect and create various types of graphs (bar and pictographs). As well as identify the basic parts of a graph: labels, scales, titles and data. They are completing math activities that require answering  questions and using the data from a graph or table  in a calculation, as well as using the information in the graph to make an inference.

Problem Solving-The focus has been 2 step problems and the emphasis has been reading for understanding and showing your work. One of our North Stars is we learn better together, so showing how we got our answer helps others see that there is more than one way to solve a problem.


Our Maker space has been an incredible addition to our school. Our focus this term has been simple machines.  Our Grade 2 students have used this space to explore the concept of design thinking where they have been presented with a challenge and worked in teams to design a lever able to lift 100g. Once their levers were completed they reflected on their experience and what they might do differently next time.

Social Studies:

In Social Studies this term we have compared some significant traditions and celebrations among different cultures around the world. The students continue to discover some of the reasons for change in these traditions and celebrations, including their own. They will be interviewing their families to learn more about the why of their celebrations.