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Hard to believe we are finished yet another term. Here is a quick peek of what we have accomplished in every subject. 

Language Arts:

Author Study-  This term we explored yet another collection of books. During our scheduled library period, Brigitte (our librarian) introduced a new author (Bruce Coville) and read a few chapters each week from Goblins in the Castle. The students couldn’t wait to go back to the library, as each chapter ended with a cliffhanger. We also brought many of his chapter books to our classroom to use during transition times and our literacy blocks.








Research Project- During our writing periods, the students used non-fiction books and online (kid friendly) websites to read, collect and categorize the information about the vertebrate of their choosing. They used keywords in the informational text to find what they needed, as well as, during their Google search. When unfamiliar vocabulary was introduced in a text, they were required to use a dictionary or a glossary to better understand it and authentically build their science vocabulary.


Long Vowels- Each long vowel can be represented in many ways. The students continue to be word detectives and refer to our long vowel board when necessary. We periodically add words to this board on an as needed basis. It is quite something to see how well they are beginning to spell.


Workshop- Ms. Brigitte lead an excellent workshop on Giving Credit. The children then were able to add a bibliography to their research paper and explain why this step is important.

Reading Buddies and Drama- Once a month Grade 2 joined Grade 7 for Reading Buddies. The students worked on 4 different Reader’s Theatre plays under the guidance of the Grade 7s. We recently performed these plays for SK and JK.



Numbers/Algebra- Skip counting, multiplication, numbers represented in both word and expanded form are just some of what we have introduced or gone on to the next level within our numeracy blocks. The students have learned that multiplication can also be represented as a repeated addition.  Depending where they are in their learning journey, they are working on single or double digits. Grade 2 expectations are only an introduction to multiplication. If they are just figuring out that 2×2 is also known  as 2+2 or managing more, either way they are at their Just Right level. Remember the first step is demonstrating to me that they can independently complete the tasks assigned. A strong foundation is very important!

Time-  This term, we have reviewed and introduced some concepts, reading both analog and digital clocks to the hour, half hour and quarter hour. Understanding that there are 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute and 24 hours in a day and using this information to solve word problems is one of our goals. As well, we have been working on completing time patterns by the hour, half hour and quarter hour. Once again, those that have demonstrated a clear understanding of this skill move on to more.

Word Problems-  The students have worked on solving both time and beginning multiplication problems. There are two very important expectations that I reiterate each lesson, reread your problem before you start and always show your work.  My ultimate goal for them is to all love math and not be afraid to take risks.



In Science this term, our focus was on the study of Growth and Changes in Animals. The students have read passages on the various vertebrates and added to their background knowledge. They then compared them using Venn Diagrams. The students loved working on their animal research projects, which was a large part of our science unit this term.


Social Studies:

This term our students are beginning to have a better understanding of where they are located in relation to others around the world. They also created world maps with our 7 continents and 5 bodies of water. They love this song that helps them remember all the continents.


Special Visitors: 

We connected with an old friend this term as part of our French class. The students prepared questions in French to learn more about Ethan’s school/life experience in France. Next term we will try and connect again as we dive deeper into learning about countries and cities around the world. Thanks for organizing this Mme Effi!

We were so excited to visit online with Natalie Newman (she lives in the UK) , co-author of Lark The Shark and The Shark and Wanda the Whale. She wrote both books with her young son Henry. The children were so engaged as she went through every step of the process. They were truly inspired to write their own books, excited to see what evolves.




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