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How Best To Support At Home

Here are a few videos, games, apps and anchor charts to help with supporting your child at home. I have reposted some of the items from last year as they continue to be helpful tools. Remember not all of the items posted is for everyone. We are all on our own learning journey.


  • Click on this video to review the correct way to hold a pencil.

Handwriting Without Tears letter and number formation.McKenna, Mrs. / Handwriting Without Tears | Handwriting without tears, Writing without tears, Preschool writing

Letter placement anchor chart.


Extra support for Math below if needed:

  • Click on this video to see various addition strategies introduced in class.
  • Click on this video to see how to add double digits with regrouping.
  • Click on this video to see various subtraction strategies introduced in class. I have not used Touch Math.
  • Click on this video to see how to subtract double digits.
  • Click on this video to see what the students have learned about place value.
  • Use IXL to practise various skills. Remember to use starred items. Listening to this video will help you use IXL as it was intended.


Read science books on Epic. Code (cryr9056) Sorry but this option is only available for free during school hours.

If needed review these videos on simple machines.


Inclined Plane



Wheel and Axle


Social Studies:

Birthday Traditions Around the World has been our focus, to learn more about them watch this video.

To better understand what are inquiry based questions are, watch this video.


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