French Update

Salut les parents!

L`hiver est ici et comme dit un proverbe chinois `Un mot doux peut r├ęchauffer trois mois d`hiver` (winter is finally here, and according to a chinese proverb saying, just a kind word is enough to warm 3 winter months),
On that note, I would like to thank you for your support with Je lis program. It’s so important for our kiddos to practice their reading every day to improve their pronunciation, their fluency, and their comprehension skills. Not only do they get familiar with the different sounds that we keep exploring, but they also recognize commonly used words and phrases (articles, verbs etc) . For this week I have assigned 3 books due until Thursday.
Another thing that made me proud was to hear their presentation about autumn (at the end of each topic there will always be a presentation and we will always have a different guest). All of them presented proudly in front of Ms. Gordon what they like about autumn, what they touch, hear, taste, and see during this season. Bravo les amis! Finally, I am sure most of you have heard your kids singing the song `On ecrit sur les murs` more than once. One of the best ways to learn a language is through songs which help you retain words and expressions more effectively. I have put the lyrics in your child’s note tote. You can sing along with them if you want.

Have a nice and bright week!

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