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Salut  les parents,

This week we completed the first part of our dictée.  I was very pleased with the results and the children’s enthusiasm.  On Monday we will continue with part 2 (making sentences 2-5) and part 3 (optional-enrichment) and I will send their notebooks home so you can sign them.  You will also receive the homework for next week (it’s due on Friday).  It is a booklet with different activities related to autumn, we have been practicing the vocabulary all this time so most of it is already familiar to them. They can do one page per day.  In addition, I am sending you the following links where kids can practice the sound CH, GN, OI, EU playing.  In class we do syllable recognition, as well as reading practice all of the time. Finally, this week’s challenge for the students is the definite article LE, LA, L’, LES and its use.  Stay tuned! 









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