Class Update

Bonsoir les parents,

This week we continued with our complex sounds,we have covered already,EU,EUR,OI,CH,GN,PH and the students always read in class the words and sentences,make their own phrases with the vocabulary plus other useful expressions,do syllable recognition and spell the words.We have started our new topic, the fall, meanwhile we revised the days,months and seasons of the year.The following weeks i plan on working with each one of them separately with the aim of assessing their reading and writing skills and identify the areas that need further  improvement.I will send home everything that they need to revise and practice.I am sending you the code for Scholastic and also the flyer.

Classe Code:RC887726

https://classroomessentials.scholastic.ca/s/cec-ca/en/digital-catalogues eml=CRC/e/20221019////33136///crc/&ET_CID=20221019_CRC_T3_CRC_eng_ret_33136&ET_RID=-1285573682  

On Monday,i will send home the booklets that need to study for thursday.

Shabbat Shalom

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