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General Studies Homework – Week of Dec. 6

Hello Kitah Bet Families,

Now that Chanukah has come to an end, we are back on track with homework.

As per usual, each student must complete ONE homework task. However, students are more than welcome to complete additional tasks. 

Language Arts: PUT ON YOUR DETECTIVE GLASSES! While reading (any book of your choice) this week, I want you to find 3 words that have a prefix and/or suffix. Be a word detective and comment below with the word sum! Remember, a word sum looks like this: hope + ing –> hoping

Math: Work on the graphing activities on IXL

Science: Watch this video, then comment on this blog post sharing some new facts that you learned.

Social Studies: No new Social Studies tasks this week due to the fact that we are working on a big project in class right now. You are more than welcome to revisit old Social Studies tasks from previous weeks and complete them this week. 

snowball fight

13 thoughts on “General Studies Homework – Week of Dec. 6”

  1. I learned that subterranean animals have fusiform body shapes. Long body , short legs and pointed head. This make it easier for them to crawl in small dark space underground.

  2. Pointy claws help animals dig in the dirt. Pink fairy armadillos have very long claws. Star nose mole has tiny eyes and sensitive tentacles.

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