French Studies

Here are the sons-composés we have been focusing on in Grade 2 so far:

If you find that your child frequently forgets these sounds, you can remind them of these stories before you start reading. Keeping the sons-composés page in the navy duo-tang, open during reading, may also help. 


OU – tells the story of a tired ghost who only has one eye open. He walks around the Village Des Sons saying ooouuuuuu but no one is scared because they know he is tired.






AU- tells the story of Monsieur O who is eating a cookie with a glass of milk. He says “OOOOO que c’est bon!”

EAU- tells the story of Monsieur O eating his cookie and milk again. However, this time, a creature, “E” keeps trying to eat the cookie.





AN- tells the story of a little girl visiting her grandmother. Grandma uses a walker and is hard of hearing. Every time the girl asks grandma a question, grandma answers with “aaannnn?”

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