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General Studies Homework – Week of Nov. 15

Happy Monday Kitah Bet! (oops… this was sitting in my drafts all day yesterday!)

Here are the 4 homework tasks for this week. As always, you must complete one task… but you are more than welcome to complete more!

Language Arts: Record a Flipgrid response answering the following questions. What is your favourite part of Dragons In A Bag? What do you think will happen in the second book, The Dragon Thief?

Science: Play our animal Kahoot! game. Use just your FIRST NAME as your nickname. 

Social Studies: Record a Flipgrid response. What was your favourite holiday that we learned about in class? Why?

Math: Use the information in this tally chart to draw a bar graph on Jamboard. Don’t forget to share it with Morah Lianna. 


Please let me know if you have any tech issues or have any questions!

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