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General Studies Homework – Week of Oct. 25

Hello Grade 2 students (and parents)!

WHAT A GREAT FIRST WEEK OF HOMEWORK! Thank you to all of the parents who assisted with navigating the new General Studies homework routine! Just like last week, you must choose 1 of the homework tasks below and complete it before next Monday. If you’d like to, you can complete 2, 3, or maybe even all 4 of the tasks… BUT you only NEED to do 1! 

Language Arts: Open a new Google Doc and write a short journal entry telling me what your favourite dessert is and why. Don’t forget to share the Doc with Morah Lianna (blue “share” button in the top right corner).

Math: Complete the assigned skills on IXL. (e-mail Morah Lianna if you are unsure of your login information)

Science: Watch this video and leave a comment on the blog with some new facts that you learned!

Social Studies: Choose a holiday you celebrate. How do you celebrate the holiday? Compare it to how your parents or grandparents celebrated the holiday when they were young. Share your comparison with a Venn Diagram on Jamboard

This week we are continuing to focus on (re)learning how to access all of these online platforms and apps!

*I encourage you to complete your work virtually. However, if it is too challenging in your home to do paperless homework, you can access this homework doc and print the required page(s).

see you in class

3 thoughts on “General Studies Homework – Week of Oct. 25”

  1. my three facts are :
    1. Mammals have hair or fur and have 2 legs.
    2. Amphibians are born in water then move on land until they lay there eggs on land.
    3. Fish are vertebrates .

  2. – arthropods are cold-blooded and have jointed legs
    -all fish have gills and fins
    – Amphibians lay eggs in the water and they also start their life in the water and when they develop lungs they can go on land
    – reptiles lay eggs on land and have scales
    – Mammals have hair or fur and they breath air. People are mammals.

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