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Reading challenge

In order to encourage nightly reading, I will be offering a class reward when each member of our class has read on 5 separate occasions and our class total reaches 100!  Each time your child reads in French (it may be practicing Quizlet cards, reading one book or two, or it may be that he or she is rereading a book that has already been read), please add an entry in their reading log (including the date) or email me.  For the purpose of our challenge, students will only be able to color in one square at a time.  In other words, they can read five books in one evening, but that will only count for one “reading session” and one square on the chart.  The goal here is to encourage the habit of reading on a daily basis.

In order to ensure everyone can dedicate their evenings to reading, there will be no dictée this week.

When everybody has read 5 times and we have collectively read at least 100 times, students will get their reward.

-Mme Sophie

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