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Guest Blogger – My Podcast

I’m Orly and I’m writing this blog post to tell you about my podcast. 

I started a podcast because we heard about a podcast making app on a podcast I was listening to. So me and my dad thought that we should make a podcast. 

For our first podcast, we thought that we could do some stuff that was fun to listen to. We played some songs and talked about them for a bit. Our first one was just a little quick one because we did it at night. My dad played some podcasts to give me ideas… One of the podcasts had an intro so I thought we should also do an intro. Starting in episode 2, there is an intro song with my voice and my daddy joins at the end. 

I use the podcast to read books in French, English, and Hebrew! I also like to interview people on the podcast. I have interviewed my mom and my brother. 

Please check out my podcast on Spotify.

Please comment below with easy French and Hebrew books that I can read in my next episode. 

5 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – My Podcast”

  1. This is so FUNtastic Orly. Kol Hakavod! Mme Stephanie told me about your podcast and I listened to it that same evening. Remind me at school and I can lend you some books to read in Hebrew. So proud of you!

  2. Dear Orly,
    Wow!! I am so impressed by your podcast. It has so many interesting parts to engage your listeners. You played some of my favourite songs. I loved listening to you read in Not one, not two, but THREE different languages! I also really loved the intro song you made up. It definitely reminded me of other podcasts I’ve listened to.

    I’m interested to know how you record your podcasts. Do you use a special microphone?

    I can’t wait to hear more episodes!

    Mrs. Thompson

    1. Hi Mrs. Thomspon,

      It’s Orly here on Morah Lianna’s account. We just record the podcast on my dad’s phone through the app I linked in my post. Thank you for listening!


  3. Wow Orly!! This is very professional and very impressive. Your intro song is fabulous. Who are some other special guests your going to have on your podcast? How do you pick the songs you want to play for your audience?

    Well done!
    Mrs. Reichstein 👏😍

    1. Hi Mrs. Reichstein,
      It’s Orly here on Morah Lianna’s account! I want to have my teachers on my podcast and my friends. My dad and I just think of songs that we like to listen to. Thank you for checking out my blog post and listening to the podcast.

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