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Guest Blogger – Social Studies Homework

Hi, my name is Noa. This blog post is about my Social Studies homework. 

For my Social Studies homework I made food from Mexico. It was tacos. I enjoyed making this dish. It was delicious! My mom and dad helped but I did a lot. I have helped to cook meals many times before and I have even baked! When I was cooking dinner last night, I was working with onions so my eyes got watery and they stung a bit. That didn’t feel very good.

We had hard shells, soft shells, beef, rice, and lots of toppings!! I asked my mom, dad,, and my sisters, Maia and Delilah, if they liked their dinner and they said yes! My favourite part of this was eating the tacos!

I like to cook because I am trusted with the stove. Next, I will cook spaghetti! I want to cook spaghetti because I think that working with noodles and sauce would be very fun. 

Please leave a comment to tell me what your favourite meal to cook is!

20 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Social Studies Homework”

  1. Hi Noa,

    If you would have made tacos tonight it could have been a real #tacotuesday. I’m so impressed that you were able to make all that delicious food!

    One weird trick I’ve read about so that you don’t cry when cutting an onion is to hold a piece of bread in your mouth while cutting it. Do you think that would help?

    I hope you’ll blog again when you make spaghetti!

    Mrs. Thompson

  2. Kol hakavod Noa! Both for learning to cook and treating your family to such a nice meal and for writing such a wonderful post.
    Another trick with onions is to keep them in the fridge… it helps a bit.
    I would love to see the recipe added next time so we can all make 🌮 😊

  3. Noa I am so impressed with the lovely meal you created. I love cooking my yummy spaghetti sauce. Morah Lianna had some and loved it. Can’t wait to hear about the next thing you cook or bake all by yourself. Well done!

  4. Hi Noa,

    It sounds like you are a good cook. I am happy to hear that your family enjoyed eating your tacos. Do you like to eat your tacos in crunchy shells or in soft taco shells? I think crunchy shells are the best.
    Have fun cooking spaghetti and sauce. It is always fun to cook with noodles. My favourite meal to cook for my family is lasagna. It is fun to put all the layers together.
    Keep on cooking!
    Mrs. Bennett

  5. Hi Noa!
    I so enjoyed reading about your cooking night! There is so much math involved in cooking; measuring timing, dividing and much more! Did you have to use your math skills cooking?
    Tacos are very delicious! I especially like fish tacos and I make a homemade creama sauce for on top. Oh, I also have to share that I really really really like, nope-LOVE spicy food! Do you like spicy food? Or spicy peppers in your tacos?
    Can’t wait to hear more about your cooking adventures and keep on the lookout for all that real life math involved in cooking and baking!
    Mrs. Cleveland

  6. Shalom Noa,

    I enjoyed reading your blog about making tacos. I love eating fish tacos. Your questions made me realized that I don’t really have one favorite meal to cook. I cook a lot with chicken and try different recipes depending on the ingredients I have at home. I live in the United States and we are celebrating a Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. I will be making challah stuffing, sweet potato casserole and green beans casserole.

    Morah Liat

    1. What a powerful tool blogs can be! Here I am reading one of my students who is serving as a “guest blogger” for Grade 2 and I stumble across a comment from one of my former teachers in Florida! That’s the power of blogging…you never know who is going to read what you write and what kind of connections you are going to make!

      I don’t know whether or not I should be asking questions of Noa: I am all about tacos, especially fish tacos like Mrs. Cleveland, and am a pro-spice kinda guy. My favourite food to cook is either cholent or steaks (on the grill). But I could definitely stand to learn a few more tricks. Let us know when you (Noa) get around to spaghetti night!

      Or should I say hi to Morah Liat? (American) Thanksgiving is the one time of year that I suffer the most FOMO living in Canada! I hope you and everyone at MJGDS is having a SAFE and wonderful school year.

      Who knows who will comment next? Keep on blogging!


  7. Shalom Noaleh! I loved reading all about your taco night! It sounds like your tacos were a real hit! We have tacos at my house at least once a month. Everyone loves them because you can choose your own toppings. I wish my family would try fish tacos, now that would be a great taco night for me! Maybe one day I’ll try your tacos. Since I am your auntie, I feel like I have special privileges! Good luck with the spaghetti!

    Morah Batya/Auntie Beth

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