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2B French: Cette semaine… jan. 27-31


This week, we are starting to talk about different ways animals can survive the winter. We learned that some animals hibernate (go to sleep) for the winter in order to conserve (save) energy.

For homework this week, students have been asked to fill in the blanks, and trace the dotted words. My apologies that students did not get a chance to switch their weekly readers today (Monday). We will get new readers tomorrow (Tuesday). Please continue reading out loud, every day.

Also, if students are interested in accessing Lalilo at home, please e-mail me so that I may send you your parent code. Logging in is easy:

  1. Access the program by going to Google Chrome. This is the optimal browser for Lalilo. (Note: If you are using an IPad, make sure you’re using the iOS 11 version.)
  2. Go to www.lalilo.com
  3. Sign up as a Parent (you’ll need to choose a password)
  4. Once signed up, you’ll be asked to enter your parent code: /
  5. All done!


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