2A, 2B, General Studies

#STUBC – Week 8

This is the last week that we are doing the Student Blogging Challenge and it makes us feel sad. We are sad because we had so much fun during the last 8 weeks of the challenge. We want to do it again next year!

Today’s post is all about reflecting about the last 8 blogging challenge posts.

Which post / topic was our favourite?

What did we learn through the blogging challenge?

What do we need to work on?

  • We want to learn how to put pictures and videos in our posts without our teachers’ help
  • Learn more about hyperlinking (when, how, and where we should be linking to)
  • Writing quality comments without our teachers’ help
  • Spelling words correctly when blogging

What are we going to do with blogging now?

  • We can be guest bloggers on our Grade 2 blog
  • Maybe we can make our own blogs or blog-folios
  • We will continue visiting other classroom blogs and leave them comments
  • Writing blog posts as a whole class (like we have been during the challenge)

We really enjoyed being part of the student blogging challenge. Thank you to the readers for following us on our blogging journey. 

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