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#STUBC – Week 7

This week’s task was about holidays and celebrations around the world. For the past few weeks in Social Studies, we have been learning about traditions that people do for different celebrations and holidays around the world. Some of the holidays we have learned about are Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Chinese New Year, Noel, and Diwali.

Today, we have each prepared a few sentences about our favourite holiday that we celebrate. Please read about our celebrations and traditions and leave us a comment!

Passover – Noa P.
I go to synagogue with my family. We celebrate Passover in the spring. We dip lettuce in salt water to remind us of the slaves’ tears. We have a plate called the Seder Plate to put everything that reminds us of a long time ago.

Purim – Noa
We get treats and candy. We eat Hamantaschens. We dress up in happy costumes. We sing and dance.

Passover – K.
Passover is the day Hashem passed over the Jewish houses and he gave the angel of life to the Jewish houses. My favourite part of Passover to dip horseradish into salt water.

Chanukah – Sophia
I like playing the dreidel game with my mom and dad and eating chanukah gelt. I spend time with my parents.

Chanukah – Noah
We light a candle every night and I get a present almost every night. I celebrate with my family. I eat latkes and donuts and chocolate gelt.

My Birthday – Sophie
On my birthday we mostly go on a vacation. It is on February 8th. We always have a pinata with candy inside. On my birthday, I also have a big birthday cake.

Chanukah – S.G
I like chanukah because we eat latkes and jelly donuts. We get to light the menorah.

New Year’s Eve – L.M
I like New Year’s Eve because it is also my birthday. I get a lot of presents. I watch fireworks.

Chanukah – Fenway
I light a menorah. We make potato pancakes called latkes. We use oil and fry donuts called sufganiot. We spin dreidels which is a small toy that spins. It has 4 Hebrew letters on it; hay, gimmel, shin, and nun.

Rosh Hashannah – Gabriel
I go to a family dinner. I did apples in honey. We go to shul. I get presents.

Canada Day – Sophia MB
I go to Canterbury Community Centre and swim in a pool. I wear red and white clothes. I have fun.

Chanukah – Rachel
I get presents. I play with dreidels and get chocolate. I eat chocolate sufganiyot. My family eats latkes but I don’t. 

Chanukah – Abby
I eat gelt and get presents. I eat latkes and sufganiyot. I light the menorah with my mommy and daddy.

Purim – Jonah
On Purim, me and my sister go around the neighbourhood and give out treats. Also, my dad comes with us. 

Chanukah – M
I play dreidels with my family. I eat latkes and sufganiyot. 

Chanukah – Raisa
Me and my brother play dreidels. My mom and dad latkes.

Chanukah – Coby
I celebrate Chanukah and I like when we light the candles.

Chanukah – Amitai
We light the chanukiah and play with dreidels. 

Novy God (Новый Год) – Yulie
I celebrate Novy God (a Russian holiday) with a pine tree and we put decorations on the pine tree. I love when I get presents. 

Romania Day – Ina
We eat sarmale. The colours of Romania are red, yellow, and blue.

New Year’s Eve – LL
My favourite holiday is New Year’s Eve because I like watching the fireworks. 


Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoyed reading about how we celebrate our favourite holidays. What is your favourite holiday and how do you celebrate it? Tell us in the comment section. 



3 thoughts on “#STUBC – Week 7”

  1. Hi Grade two,
    What great posts about holidays and special days. What a lot of wonderful information you shared. I have eaten latkes, but much of he food you mentioned is new to me, so I will have to do some research. I am so impressed with the variety of holidays you covered in this post. Wow! It’s great to get to choose your favorite to write about. Well done everyone!

    A special ‘hi’ to Sophie. My birthday is February 8th too! I really think I need a pinata next year! Great idea.

    Student blogging challenge commenter

  2. LL’s dad here. My favourite holiday is Succout, for a few reasons.

    1) it is a great time to give thanks for everything we have as leave the comforts of our homes and enter into a humble succah, with minimal material items.

    2) it reminds me of camping, one of my favourite activities.

    3) we enjoy having friends and family in our succah to help celebrate.

    1. Dear Justin (also known as Daddy by LL),

      Thank you for commenting on our blog and sharing about your favourite holiday. Some of the students in our class like camping, too! Succot is one of our favourite holidays, too!

      -The students in 2B

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