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Guest Blogger – How Volcanoes Erupt

Hi, my name is Sophia MB and I am student at The OJCS.

On Sunday, I used 5 liquids and baking soda for an experiment. I thought it would be cool… and it was!

The 5 liquids were vinegar, oil, orange juice, lemon juice, and water. My hypothesis was that the vinegar would explode, the oil would be calm, the orange juice would explode, the lemon juice would explode, and the water would be calm. I thought that the bitter liquids (like lemon juice) would explode.






We poured the liquids into mini cups and then we poured the baking soda into all of the liquids.

The thing that exploded the most was the lemon juice. Then came the vinegar. Then came the orange juice. The water only fizzed a bit, but the oil couldn’t dissolve the baking soda. So the baking soda just went all the way to the bottom of the oil and made a clump.

I did this experiment with my family. We recorded a video of me and my sister pouring the baking soda into the liquids.

As you can see in the video, the orange juice and vinegar just fizzed, the lemon juice exploded, the oil just made a clump, and the water was calm. My hypothesis was right for the lemon juice, the oil, and the water. 

I thought that this experiment was fun and interesting. I want to do another one again soon.


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