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Guest Blogger – Liam Designs a Racket

Hi, my name is Liam and I am a student in 2A.

On the weekend, my mom and I were playing a game where she would tell me something to act out… For example, being at a water park, being a chameleon, and being a tennis player. 

When I was being a tennis player, I decided to grab an Israeli toy that is a straw that you attach with connectors. Then, I built a bunch of tennis rackets and decided which one was the best.
I was choosing the best one based off what looked the most like a tennis racket. I think the one on the left with the thick, blue handle and yellow circle is the best. It is the best because the handle is thick and the circle looks like a tennis racket. The one in the middle with the red handle and blue line through the circle looks like a tennis racket but it is too heavy to it would just fall when I lifted it. 

I had fun when I was working on this. My little sister was also working on her own tennis rackets. My Morah thinks that maybe I should have a career in designing sports equipment or engineering. 


10 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Liam Designs a Racket”

  1. Dear liam, your blog was very interesting. You are a very chriative young boy, and i agree with yuour morah, i think you could be a great designer. I liked best, the racket in the middle with the red handle.

    1. Look at all those amazing designs and rackets!! Great creativity and building! Keep up the great work and enjoying all the fun of making your own creations!

  2. Great work Liam! Making inventions is so much fun. Who knows what your next invention or science experiment will be. Keep exploring.

  3. Dear Liam!
    I loved reading your blog and the wonderful explanation of your design process. The results are magnificent and I agree with your morah that you can do so much with such talent.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Irit Beck

  4. Dear Liam!
    You did great job! So proud of you!
    (To be honest, I like your tennis racket with blue handle and yellow circle, because remind me Ukrainian flag, yellow and blue!)
    All the best!
    Love you!

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