2A, 2B, General Studies

#STUBC – Week 2

This week’s tasks were all about commenting. 2B created this poster to share tips for leaving comments on blogs. We used Google Draw to make it.

2A visited the class blogs for Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 3. We read their posts and then left them comments. We used the commenting tips from above to write quality comments. We learned a little bit about what those classes are doing. It was nice to see their blogs. We liked seeing their pictures. 




2 thoughts on “#STUBC – Week 2”

  1. Hi Morah Lianna’s Class, my name is Alivia. I’m a teacher’s assistant from Canada. I really like your header photo, crayons are so much fun!

    Your poster is super cool! I really like how you have all the times in different shapes. I also think it’s super cool how have the link to the website you used to make it. I haven’t used Google Draw before, but it looks pretty cool!

    Good luck on future posts!

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