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#STUBC – Week 1

Welcome to our first post for the Student Blogging Challenge (#STUBC)!

This week’s task is all about introductions.

We are the Grade 2 class at the OJCS. We live in Ottawa, Ontario (which is in Canada). You can check out our Twitter accounts to see what we are doing in class. We have an account for each Grade 2 class… You can see the tweets from 2A here and the tweets from 2B here

Our task this week was to create avatars for our blog. We also spent some time this week talking about online safety, so we decided to use cartoon style (specifically Bitmoji) avatars to protect ourselves. Below you will find our gallery of all the Grade 2 students’ avatars. Please leave us a comment to introduce yourself!


…and our teachers even have Bitmojis, too!

9 thoughts on “#STUBC – Week 1”

    1. Dear Gerry,
      I like your comment. Thank you for commenting. We would love for you to make a Bitmoji and share it with us.
      – 2A

  1. Hey Second Graders! Awesome work creating your avatars! I think I have something in common with Noa P, Kayla, and Sophia: I love to drink tea and also read books, although now I am starting to “read” some audio books as well. I’m afraid I couldn’t visit Yulie or Noa B because I am very allergic to cats!

    I hope you have lots of fun participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. I would love to read more about your school in Ottawa.

  2. I hope you are enjoying the Student Blogging Challenge, second graders. I love your avatars. Bitmoji is one of my favorite avatar makers. I think you’ll like blogging. My students just started last spring. We are in Georgia in the USA. Have fun connecting. If you’d like, visit our blog at http://pixelpoints.edublogs.org/.
    Mrs. Bentley

    1. Dear Mrs. Bentley,
      We like your comment because it is really nice. How many students do you have? What grade are you in?

      Do you have twitter? We would love to connect with your class. We are @2Bojcs on Twitter https://twitter.com/2Bojcs. We are going to check out your blog now!

    1. Hi LA9ROSE,
      Thank you! We also like your avatar and name. Yes, we did use Bitmoji. Yes, we had the choice to use different kinds of Bitmojis. Thank you for sharing your blog with us.
      -Grade 2

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