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Good morning Grade 2 Parents,

We have few friendly reminders for you…

– If you have a library book at home, please return it tomorrow so your child can take out more books during our Library visit. If you have a book and your child is not done reading it, please e-mail Morah Lianna and we will renew the book for you. 

– Tomorrow night (Sept. 25th) is the OJCS AGM starting at 7pm and Parent Workshop Night starting at 7:30pm. Please se Dr. Mitzmacher’s E-mail from this morning for more information. 

– Friday is Dress Down Day! Please send your child to school with a Toonie for Terry Fox. 

Have a great day!

General Studies, Reminders

Library Visit

Today we had our first visit in the library to sign out books! Some students brought their books home to read at night and some students kept their books at school to read during the day. If your child brought home a book tonight, please take care of it and send it back in 2 weeks (or earlier if they are done reading it) so we can return it to the library next Wednesday. 

Homework, Reminders

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! We have had an amazing first two days of Grade 2 together!

We have just a few notes and reminders for the start of the school year…

  1. All students will be bringing home their new note tote and agendas today. Please remind your child to check his or her agenda for any notes or homework that we may have written down.
  2. Please be sure to look at our homework expectations on the blog for a brief outline of what to expect in terms of homework.
  3. You can read (and discuss at home) our leadership skills. The students from both classes worked together to create this list.
  4. Hebrew homework has started today! Students need to read the two sentences and copy them in cursive writing. 
  5. French and General studies homework will be starting shortly… stay tuned!
  6. If you haven’t yet, please sign and return the form from the parent handbook.

We are looking forward to an amazing year in Grade 2!