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Hebrew Vocabulary

Here is a list of the Hebrew verbs we have been learning in class. We are in the middle of creating games to help us use these words in sentences and in our daily conversations. Try to use them at home if you’d like.

יוֹשֵׁב – sit (yo-shev)
הוֹלֵךְ – go/walk (ho-lech)
לוֹמֵד – learn (lo-med)
שׁוֹתֶה – drink (sho-teh)
אוֹהֵב – like/love (o-hev)
אֹוכֶל – eat (o-chel)
נוֹתֵן – give (no-ten)
קוֹרֵא – read (ko-reh)
עוֹמֵד – stand (o-med)
אוֹמֵר – says (o-mer)
כּוֹתֵב – write (ko-tev)

2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Shabbat Sheva 7


You may have noticed the Shabbat Sheva in your child’s note tote the past few weeks. This week each grade was able to contribute to the Shabbat Sheva. Kitah bet created the word scramble. See if you can unscramble our words!

This weekend:

Please look at the Shabbat Sheva and write on the back page one thing that you learned. Then have a parent sign it. When you bring it back on Monday, you will get a sticker in your sticker book. If we collect lots of stickers, we will be rewarded by Dr. Marcovitz! Yay!

Shabbat Shalom!

2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Chag Sameach…last one for a while.

Shalom kulam! Well, we’ve almost made it through the holidays in the month of Tishrei! It’s been a lot of fun learning and celebrating together! After Simchat Torah, we will officially begin our Torah learning with Parashat Lech Lecha. We will spend time learning about this parasha all year long. And of course our favourite time of the week, parashat hashavua will continue on Fridays.

Reading our Hebrew books about the holidays.

We got ready for the New Year by making our “Resolution Sticks”, and thinking about how we will do Teshuvah, Tefillah and Tzedakah this year.

It was a little chilly and rainy outside so we shook the lulav and etrog in the Chapel with Dr. Mitz. We also brought our decorations for the sukkah home today.

Shabbat Shalom and Moadim l’simcha!

2A, 2B, Jewish Studies

Getting ready for Rosh Hashanah!

In kitah bet we are busy getting ready for Rosh Hashanah!

We are learning to put the Hebrew months in order!

Today we drew our “sins” on a coffee filter and watched our bad deeds wash away in the water. We discussed the need to say slicha and do teshuva in order to begin our year fresh and clean. Plus we discussed how it’s definitely important to say sorry, but it’s just as important to promise to try harder in the new year.

We got to practise blowing the shofar too!

Homework tonight is to read the fourth page in the orange Rosh Hashana duotang.

Please bring in your shofar tomorrow, if you have one, as we will be videotaping the shofar patrol.

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Hebrew Homework


We have had a great start to kitah bet! We have been learning how to say “Welcome”. You may review this at home:

בָּרוּךְ הַבָּא   Welcome (for one boy)

בְּרוּכָה הַבָּאָה   Welcome (for one girl)

בְּרוּכִים הַבָּאִים   Welcome (for boys and girls)

בְּרוּכוֹת הַבָּאוֹת   Welcome (for only girls)


So…בְּרוּכִים הַבָּאִים to everyone! 

We have also been learning that we are leaders! מַנְהִיגִים

Tonight’s homework is to read Hebrew (לִקְרֹוא עִבְרִית). We are learning a new tune for the prayer Ma Tovu. Please read the first sentence of Ma Tovu and copy it in cursive in your Hebrew notebook. A new sentence will be sent home each evening this week, other than Friday. The homework task is the same every night. 


Jewish Studies

Busy Day tomorrow!

Shalom parents,

In class we are busy wrapping up the year and getting our goodbyes ready. Tomorrow is a busy day!

  1. It is our last dress down day and everyone is invited to wear their Raptors gear.
  2. It is the grade 8 vs. faculty softball game!
  3. We are receiving our yearbooks and getting a chance to sign them.
  4. We are saying goodbye to our amazing Shinshinim, Inbar and LIam.
  5. AND you are all invited to our grades K-5 Kabbalat Shabbat service! Hope to see you there!