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General Studies Homework – Week of Nov. 11

New homework tasks are going home today. The students had the choice between last week’s tasks or the following 3 new taks. 

Social Studies – Research a celebration that you aren’t familiar with. Answer the questions in your homework folder.

Math – Create a pictograph based on the information in the tally chart (in your homework folder).

Science – Sort the animals into their proper classification groups.

2A, 2B, General Studies

#STUBC – Week 5

This week’s task was all about music. We learned that we can’t just take any music we want for a video because songs have copyright like pictures do.

We talked about the apps that we use to play music… like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Google Music. You can buy a subscription for the app or sometimes you can use it for free and listen to commercials in the middle of songs.

We made a playlist on Youtube of some of our favourite songs. We can stream the music legally on Youtube but you CAN’T download the music from Youtube. We hope you enjoy listening to some of our favourite songs!

2A Playlist    2B Playlist 

2A, 2B, General Studies, Homework

General Studies Homework – Week of Nov. 4th

Your child chose their homework task today and put it in their red homework folder. Reminder: the task is due on Monday (November 11th).

Here are the tasks that were available to choose from (along with some helpful links/resources where applicable). Please note that there were 2 choices for most subject areas but your child only chooses one task to complete per week.

Language Arts

  1. Edit the paragraph in your homework folder using MINTS and fixing the run-on sentences. Here is the MINTS anchor chart from our classroom to help you at home.
  2. Film a video reading to someone (e-mail it to Morah Lianna) and answer the 2 questions in your homework folder. 

Social Studies

  1. Parent interview about favourite celebrations.


  1. Create a graph using your toys at home.
  2. Describe the information on the graph in the homework folder. 


  1. Research your favourite animal and share 3 facts. Here are some helpful websites to get you started: Fact Monster and National Geographic Kids
  2. Respond to the question on our Homework FlipGrid (you can use that link or scan the QR code)

    (hint: the 6 different groups of animals that we have been learning about are mammals, insects, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians).





2A, 2B, General Studies

#STUBC – Week 3

We learned that you can’t just take any picture off of the internet and put it on your blog or in a video or use it for a project. We talked about how sad we would feel if we worked hard on something (like an art project) and someone took a picture and posted it as their own work. If you take someone else’s work and post it as your own, you are not being honest.

We talked about some options for posting pictures on our blog…

  1. You can take your own picture with a camera. This is what Fen did when he posted a blog post about fish. 
  2. You can draw a picture or build a picture online. This is what 2B did when we made a poster last week. 
  3. Find free images online… we used unsplash.com to do that for this week’s challenge!

We then took some time to explore the options above and find or make or take pictures we can post on the blog safely!


 We wanted to share this picture because he is a working robot and his head can pop off. He has four legs which is cool. We also play a game with robots so that’s what gave us the idea to share this picture. -Zach and Liam

I drew a diamond because I love diamonds. I love them because they are sparkly and because you can put them on rings. They are the most prettiest.

We picked a mosquito to tell people that we think they are the most dangerous insects on earth. They can give people diseases and kill people.
-Gabriel and Liam 

I picked this picture because I am an Iron Kid. I love swimming, running, and biking. Next year, I might do a sprint. -Fenway

I took this picture because I think it’s important to collaborate. The Dot Day encourages other people and the art work behind me is all a collaboration by our class. -Noa 

I drew this picture because it’s important to read because when you read it gives you information depending on which book you read. When you read, if you read the book multiple times, you can remember what the answers are.

I think people should not laugh at other people because it will hurt their feelings. 

I drew this because I’ve always imagined candy land in my dreams. I have a pet cat and I wanted to do something like a cat so I made a rainbow cat. 

I drew this because I like candy and it’s good to not go on the computer a lot… that’s why I drew it. 

I picked this picture because I really like mini horses and they’re cute and fluffy. -Micah 

So we like it because we like foxes and we also like that it is cute.
-Sophia and Abby

I like narwhals because their horn looks cool. I wonder if narwhals are rare or not? -Coby





We looked on Unsplash to find powerful sharks. We wanted to use the picture from the iPad and also draw a picture. -Ben and Amitai


I drew this because I like bunnies and they are really fluffy. -Raisa

I drew a bunny picture because bunnies are my favourite animal. -Rachel

2A, 2B, General Studies

#STUBC – Week 2

This week’s tasks were all about commenting. 2B created this poster to share tips for leaving comments on blogs. We used Google Draw to make it.

2A visited the class blogs for Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 3. We read their posts and then left them comments. We used the commenting tips from above to write quality comments. We learned a little bit about what those classes are doing. It was nice to see their blogs. We liked seeing their pictures. 




2A, 2B, General Studies

Digital Citizenship Workshop

Today’s visit to the library was a little different than usual… We had a special workshop all about digital citizenship with Miss Brigitte. We learned that a good digital citizen is someone who uses technology safely and responsibly. 
Miss Brigitte shared this song and video (from Common Sense Education) to help us remember! We are excited to learn all about online safety… especially because we are blogging and tweeting!

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#STUBC – Week 1

Welcome to our first post for the Student Blogging Challenge (#STUBC)!

This week’s task is all about introductions.

We are the Grade 2 class at the OJCS. We live in Ottawa, Ontario (which is in Canada). You can check out our Twitter accounts to see what we are doing in class. We have an account for each Grade 2 class… You can see the tweets from 2A here and the tweets from 2B here

Our task this week was to create avatars for our blog. We also spent some time this week talking about online safety, so we decided to use cartoon style (specifically Bitmoji) avatars to protect ourselves. Below you will find our gallery of all the Grade 2 students’ avatars. Please leave us a comment to introduce yourself!


…and our teachers even have Bitmojis, too!

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Student Blogging Challenge

Hi Parents!

This week we will be starting The Edublogs Student Blogging challenge alongside Grades 3,4,5 and the Middle School. This is a great introduction to blogging without any pressure of being alone online.

Grade 2 will be completing the challenge as a class so all projects and post will be created together and monitored by myself. There will be interactions with other classes from around the world via the commenting section in each blog post. You can be part of the blogging challenge by commenting on our posts throughout the 8 week challenge. 

You can look at  the official Edublogs parent communication to learn more about the challenge.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me (Morah Lianna) directly.

2A, 2B, General Studies

Global Read Aloud & More!

We have some exciting news…
We are participating in the Global Read Aloud this year! The GRA is a project where classrooms all over the world read the same book (over the same 6-week long period) and connect with other schools to amplify our learning through global connections.

This is the first time I (Morah Lianna) have participated in the GRA and I cannot wait. Each class (2A and 2B) have their own connections. We met our classes last week through “Mystery Calls“. I was so impressed by the way all of our students became leaders in their jobs for the mystery call. We prepared ourselves for the call by refreshing our memories about what exactly a yes/no question is. With that, we created a list of preliminary questions that we wanted to ask to help us narrow down their location. Each student played an integral role through the video calls… We had researchers using iPads and atlases to help think of new questions as we found out more information, question askers to be on screen during the video call and ask our questions, assistants who were in charge of the communication between question askers and researchers, and of course our documenters to take pictures and document the experience.

I was so impressed by both classes! We were able to figure out that one class was on a video call with a school in Greenville, North Carolina and the other class was on a video call with a class in Williston, Vermont. 

This week, we began our reading for the GRA. We are reading Stella Diaz Has Something To Say by Angela Dominguez. We have read the first 4 chapters of the book and we are loving it so far! Today, our class used FlipGrid to connect with our partner classes in Greenville and Williston. We will continue to connect with our partner classes throughout the 6-week long GRA project. 

Speaking of connecting globally… Both classes started Twitter accounts this week! We will be using our 2A and 2B twitter accounts to share what we are doing in class (instead of on Morah Lianna’s twitter account) and to become globally connected learners! We have already started by participating in a Math Chat with other Grade 2 classes in the United States. We even found other classes that are reading the same book as us for the GRA and replied to their beautiful artwork. We will be using Twitter to amplify our learning, connect with Grade 2 classes, and maybe even connect with some scientists, authors, or mathematicians! Please follow us on our learning journey!